183: A New Way of Thinking, with E2open

Today I’m delighted to be joined by E2open, a company who believes that the level of agility required to capture growth opportunities – plus the resiliency to manage today’s risks – demands a new way of thinking. Their range of intelligent applications allow supply chain leaders to make the best business decisions using real-time information from across their entire internal and external ecosystems.

From channel shaping and demand sensing, to business planning and global trade management, E2open offers a full suite of intelligent applications for every stage of your businesses supply chain journey. They aim to unlock your potential with their expertise, delivering you end-to-end visibility, planning and execution, all in real time.

I’m joined by Michael Farlekas, President and Chief Executive Officer at E2open, to talk about why the company is a market-leader, the impact of issues like COVID and Brexit on supply chain and why they chose 2021 to take E2open public.



[07.07] A closer look at what E2open does, and their recent big announcement.

“We help our customers to connect what is really a disconnected world.”

[09.39] Why E2open chose 2021 to take their business public.

[11.31] How E2open was founded and why it led to a continuing culture of collaboration.

“Collaboration is the foundation of our business.”

[14.23] Michael’s advice for businesses considering the route of mergers or acquisitions.

“How you technically integrate is the foundation, but it goes much deeper than that – you also need to consider go to market, cultural and back office integration.”

[18.14] Why visibility is a growing supply chain trend, and how you create it.

“Visibility is what you get when you have a well-constructed supply chain architecture.”

[22.28] How customer demand drives business, and how E2open’s software can deliver connectivity to help create a seamless and proactive supply chain, from sales predictions to inventory management.

[25.03] E2open’s COVID experience, how they helped their customers and Michael’s reflections on how the pandemic has impacted the future of the industry.

[28.14] A customer success case study.

[29.54] From an increase in ocean shopping to more manufacturing, Michael’s trends and predictions for 2021 and beyond.

[35.21] The future for E2open.



Head over to E2open’s website to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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