181: Women In Supply Chain™, Deborah Kotulich

For today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Deborah Kotulich. Skilled in supply chain, operations management, Government, U.S. Department of Defense, Strategic Planning, and Business Process Improvement, Deborah is an experienced and successful military leader. From earning her degree in engineering from the United States Military Academy, she’s served her country, nurtured an impressive logistics career and is now Chief of Staff at US Transportation Command: she is one incredible woman.

Today Deborah will be talking to us about her career in the military, how she balances it with family life, and she’ll be sharing her words of wisdom for the upcoming generations of ambitious young women following in her footsteps.


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[07.48] Deborah’s background, how she entered the military and the fascinating journey that brought her to her current role.

“I went to school at a military academy… and I really found a place where I could thrive.”

[12.45] Exactly what the U.S. Transportation Command is and what it does.

[16.52] How an accident at military academy led Deborah to logistics.

[21.23] Logistics in the military vs the civilian world.

[24.50] How Deborah balances family life with her military and professional careers.

“I’m overwhelmingly fortunate to have a wonderful family – I owe it all to the patience of my wife and the resilience of my daughters.”

[27.34] Deborah’s role with USTRANSCOM’s Inclusion and Diversity Council, and their goals.

“We believe that coming at all we do from an angle of being inclusive, will unlock the door of opportunity for everyone.”

[30.31] Deborah’s experience as a woman in the military.

“I stand on the shoulders of giants… but (early on) there was a pressure to make sure I wasn’t a weak link.”

[34.57] How Deborah found her voice.

“I’m an extrovert with a capital E – so I’m not sure that I had to find my voice, as much as I had to refine and learn to control my voice.”

[39.58] What the future holds for Deborah.

[42.48] Do your research and take up any and all training and education opportunities, Deborah’s advice to the next generation of women who may be thinking about joining the military, or pursuing a career in logistics.



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