170: Give your business a fresh start – Simulation: The Future is Here

This is the second show in our “Give your business a fresh start” series, in partnership with BluJay.

In Episode 1, “Visibility, Unchained” we talked to Bryant, Senior Global Product Manager at BluJay Solutions, about data and visibility: why it’s so important, the impact of last year and how BluJay is innovating in this area, to create unparalleled levels of visibility for their customers.

Today in Episode 2, “Simulation: The Future is Here,” we’re joined by Pam Reeber, Director of Solution Consulting at BluJay Solutions, to talk all about simulation, and using AI to model scenarios within the supply chain so we can predict the future and stay ahead of the game.


[01.04] Pam’s role at BluJay, and the one thing that might surprise people about AI.

[02.44] Exactly what simulation is and how it works.

[04.10] How, and why, BluJay became the first TMS Provider to build a modelling solution on the LLamasoft Cloud Platform.

“We wanted to provide a hands-on, self-service tool that was easy to use but powerful enough to identify some key potential areas of opportunity.”

[06.53] Consolidation, flexible date-shifting and mode conversion: the three key scenarios within the supply chain that BluJay can help to model.

[08.51] Exactly how the solution works, and the ways users can interact with it.

“The data is displayed visually so a user can quickly compare the KPI’s across five different scenarios.”

[12.37] The power of data sharing and collaboration.

“You can export data at a shipment or at a load level and you can use that to drive those conversations with vendors or customers.”

[13.59] The benefits of being able to model different scenarios within the supply chain.

“Shippers have seen an average cost saving of 17-22%.”

[15.29] A real life case study: how BluJay helped a customer with a key cost vs service analysis.

[21.02] The balance between people and technology.

“The adoption of AI and machine learning is going to be a key factor to successful companies moving forward.”

[23.19] An overview of some of BluJay’s other solutions and innovations introduced over the last year.



Head over to BluJay’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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