164: Solving the Fundamental Problems of Freight with Convoy

Founded in 2015, Convoy started a movement in efficient freight. Through their customer-centric approach, ethical commitment and unique technology, that creates smarter ways to connect shippers with carriers, they’re helping to solve problems, reduce waste and create a better future.

Today, I’ll be talking to Lorin Seeks to find out a bit more about the Convoy network and how it’s utilising machine learning to solve the challenge of quality and compliance for small and midsize shippers.


[06.59] Lorin’s background, his career in the army and how he fell in love with logistics.

[11.08] A closer look at Convoy, what it does and how it works.

“Convoy is the nation’s most efficient digital freight network.”

[12.34] The four core areas of risk and compliance that every shipper needs to consider.

“Shippers are facing legal, financial, service and reputational risks every time they ship freight.”

[19.27] Why these areas can present real challenges for small and mid-market shippers.

[23.45] How intermediaries and brokers are addressing risk and compliance, to ensure they can be a reliable and trusted partner for SME’s.

[28.05] The Convoy solution, and the power of machine learning.

“The more data we feed it, the more accurate it becomes – because it’s a learning algorithm, it gets better over time.”

[31.28] The positive customer response to Convoy solutions.

[33.27] From higher safety levels to lower claims, the benefits that shippers will see from the Convoy platform, through removing bias and human error.

[38.51] Levelling the playing field for all customers, and a case study of how Convoy were able to solve a very specific problem for one customer in particular.

“We were able to come with solutions – and we were able to cut theft by about 90%.”

[43.15] The future for quality, safety and compliance – and for Convoy.



Head over to Convoy’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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