Evin Sisemore talks about founding a business alongside her husband; navigating its acquisition; how sales have evolved; & supporting women in supply chain.

415: Women In Supply Chain™, Evin Sisemore

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Evin Sisemore – entrepreneur, sales leader, and passionate advocate for women in the industry.

After over a decade in supply chain, Evin founded Texas Motive Solutions, a leader in DC power management, in 2018. When the organization was acquired by Concentric in 2022, Evin stepped into the role of Regional Vice President, and brought all of her sales and operations experience to the role, in a sector that has historically lacked female figures in key leadership positions.

Today Evin will be talking to us about her career journey; how she founded, and exited, Texas Motive Solutions alongside her husband; how sales has evolved, to keep pace with the changing face of supply chain; and how she’s becoming the leader she wished she had to look up to in her own career.





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[07.47] Evin’s career journey, and how she found supply chain.

“I ended up taking a job and falling in love with it. We always joke, ‘don’t ever burn any bridges in this industry’ because, once you’re in it, you’re hooked!”

[09.22] Why Evin decided to found her own business, Texas Motive Solutions, in 2018; and her advice for budding entrepreneurs.

“The reason we were so successful is because we had an amazing team. I would never go into anything without having the best people surrounding me.”

[12.52] Evin’s experience founding a business with her husband, and how they achieved a work/life balance whilst living and working so closely together.

“My husband is my biggest cheerleader, but he will also push me more than anyone else to be better.”

[16.29] How Evin navigated the acquisition of Texas Motive Solutions by Concentric; how the acquisition allowed her to continue to achieve high levels of customer experience whilst growing rapidly; and how she found her place in the new organization.

“It didn’t feel like I was selling our company. It was: we’re merging with these other people, and we’re going to have people that we can share best practices with. They have their strengths, we have ours – and we’re just bringing them all together and making it better for our customers.”

[19.41] Evin’s role as Regional Vice President, and why entrepreneurship means doing the dirty work.

[23.51] A closer look at the forklift power industry, and its increasing focus on sustainability issues.

[26.14] The changing face of sales, and how Evin adapted her strategies and techniques, especially as a woman in the industry.

“Sales used to be that you had to be at the golf course, or the bar. But, as a woman, I didn’t want to just go out to happy hours every night – we had to find a way to bring our customers value. We go in, find their problems and find a way to prevent them.”

[28.31] Evin’s experience as a woman in the forklift power industry, and how she approaches equality in her own organization.

“There are definitely still challenges, but it’s changing – people are seeing value in great people, whether you’re male or female.”

[32.18] How Evin supports women in the industry and her advice for what we can all do to help move the needle.

[33.52] The biggest lessons Evin has learned over the course of her career so far.

[35.20] Evin’s love of sports!

[37.08] The future for Evin.




You can connect with Evin over on LinkedIn.

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