Dwayne Johnson talks about SCI; Section 321 & the rise of borderless ecommerce; & why a well-designed cross-border supply chain can be a competitive advantage.

414: Section 321: Borderless Ecommerce At Your Fingertips

Today I’m joined by SCI, Canada’s leading 3PL.

With its deep-rooted, best-in-class logistics, supply chain, and transportation management expertise, SCI makes North American businesses better. Working with clients in the omnichannel retail, technology, health, beauty, and wellness sectors, SCI prides itself on adding value to clients’ businesses by removing friction points and seamlessly delivering on their business strategies.

Today, Dwayne Johnson, Senior Director of Retail, eCommerce Strategy, and Section 321 advisor at SCI, will be talking all about SCI and what they do; embracing change in a constantly evolving industry; the rise of borderless eCommerce; and why a well-designed cross-border supply chain can be your competitive advantage.

Guest bio:

Dwayne is the Senior Director of Retail and e-commerce Strategy at SCI. With over 25 years of experience in sales and leadership, Dwayne is responsible for managing current clients, plus helping potential clients on Canadian and global supply chain strategies including cross-border fulfillment. One specific channel, in which he has developed into a market leader for SCI is Section 321. Before joining SCI, Dwayne spent 16 years with Pitney Bowes Inc. where he held many senior leadership roles, including Director and VP positions in both Canada and USA. In his last role, he was responsible for leading a group in North America that managed the life-cycle of communications for clients in the digital and physical world. This role also allowed Dwayne to have the opportunity to work in both the USA and Canada, reporting to a US business model, plus getting extensive experience in cross-border fulfillment. Following his career at Pitney Bowes, Dwayne was responsible for building and guiding Sameday Worldwide as its AVP Sales, which specialized in e-commerce fulfillment in both Canada and the USA. As a senior sales leader, Dwayne is an active member of several professional associations and speaks at specific post-secondary schools’ Supply Chain Programs. Lastly, he is earning his CCS designation, with the Canada Society of Customs Brokers.




[06.45] An introduction to SCI, what they do, and how they help their customers.

“Everybody is competing for customers, so it’s important to build a model where the shipping is sustainable, but so is the cost.”

[09.15] The ideal client for SCI.

[11.09] The changing face of the logistics industry, and why embracing that change is so important.

“We, as consumers, are driving the change. Whoever thought it would take a couple of days to get something from Asia? Supply chain is changing every day.”

[14.10] A closer look at the landscape of logistics, the key challenges and opportunities, and why consumer mindsets are shifting.

“Amazon have changed the way we, as consumers, think… but it’s starting to shift – and consumers are thinking ‘do I really need this straight away?’”

[18.25] The rise of borderless ecommerce, and how SCI is helping customers to embrace it.

“We started to understand trade agreements… then we went to our customers and had conversations… And the impact you can have by talking to a customer about being able to avoid something like duties – it’s tangible dollars.”

[21.12] The secret to SCI’s competitive advantage, and how they’re helping clients to create well-designed supply chains and unlock international markets.

[25.57] How SCI is helping customers with international expansion and localization.

[28.39] A case study showing how SCI helped a key customer to embrace borderless commerce with section 321, and put $6millon back on their bottom line.

“That money could open up retail stores, add to marketing, help you expand internationally. Handing people that much money is a big advantage.”

[31.54] The importance of partnerships when it comes to creating competitive advantage, and what it looks like to work with SCI.

[34.31] How organizations can get started with Section 321, and what they should be thinking about before they start.

[36.54] The future for the industry, and for SCI.




Head over to SCI’s website now to find out more. You can also connect with SCI and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedInYouTubeInstagram or Facebook, or you can connect with Dwayne on LinkedIn.

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