Ryan Walicki of Relish talks about why enterprise solutions rarely cover all bases; the rise of AI; & the importance of collaboration & customer experience.

408: Strategically Extend Your Enterprise Applications, with Relish

Today I’m joined by innovative software brand, Relish. They’ve done the development so you don’t have to; and they’re asking you to say ‘no’ to expensive middleware, because they’ve got the connection ready to go!

Relish apps strategically extend enterprise applications to maximize investment. With an understanding of enterprise software gaps and challenges, Relish is obsessed with building a scalable solution to remedy them, to simplify the complex and bridge those gaps.

Today Ryan Walicki, co-founder and CEO at Relish, will be talking all about Relish and what they do; why existing enterprise solutions rarely cover all bases; how AI is eclipsing manual processes; and exactly why customers are relishing this leading brand’s solutions.

Guest bio:

Ryan is an entrepreneur at heart, striving to solve the most difficult business problems. After dedicating the early part of his career to enterprise applications operations and consulting, Ryan has spent the last several years focused on developing solutions to fill enterprise software gaps and enhance the user experience.



[07.28] The story behind the brand name Relish.

“While I’m more of a mustard and ketchup guy personally (!), Relish just really stood out to us – a word that can create certain emotions.”

[09.02] Ryan’s background, his love of procurement, and his journey to co-founding Relish.

“I fell in love with it… I watched the perception of procurement go from ‘people who buy stuff’ to a strategic function, from analytics and sourcing all the way through invoicing and payment.”

[11.53] An overview of Relish – who they are, what they do, and how they help their customers.

“We’re trying to meet users where they are. A lot of users have succumbed to “I’ll just a create a workaround” or “Excel can do that for me”… Enough of that!! You should expect more, you should demand more from your enterprise software.”

[15.37] The ideal client for Relish.

[16.45] Ryan’s perspective on why enterprise solutions rarely meet all requirements; the biggest enterprise software challenges; and how those challenges have been compounded by the industry changes we’ve seen over the last few years.

“These solutions are presented as ‘It’ll do everything you want – and cut your grass!’ The customer takes that at face value, builds a business case, builds an ROI case – and they never meet it.”

[20.37] How Relish are working to simplify processes, extend solutions, and bridge gaps in order to complement and enhance enterprise software.

“5% of business revenue is lost due to fraudulent activity… there’s too many workarounds and stale processes out there… But there’s an end to this story that’s a lot more positive, automated, safe and economic than Excel workbooks.”

[25.02] Why Relish is so passionate about collaboration, partnering with some of the industry’s biggest names to create ecosystems that drive success for everyone.

[27.18] The rapid evolution of AI, and how Relish uses it to help clients streamline and enhance their processes.

“There are a lot of folks that present themselves as AI experts. But this is so new, it’s moving so fast – there are no experts!”

[31.47] Customer experience, and the importance of creating an effective chain of solutions for your customer, and your customer’s customer.

“One of the most frequent phone calls finance gets is from suppliers asking: “When am I going to get paid?”

[35.34] A case study showing how Relish helped a global financial institution to solve its invoice challenges, increasing automation from 24% to over 95%, streamlining its source-to-pay process, and boosting its visibility and process speed.

“We felt like the root of all evil is in master data inefficiency, and so if we built a platform that had the capability to go after that core problem, we could manifest those as applications in invoicing, supplier and automation.”

[39.25] Ryan’s hockey team, and whether or not they’ll be making the finals!

[41.23] What the future holds for Relish, and for the industry.

“The time between point A and point B keeps getting shorter, because innovation is happening fast… We’re outgrowing applications very quickly.”



Head over to Relish’s website now to find out more, and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Relish and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, YouTube and X (Twitter), or you can connect with Ryan on LinkedIn.

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