Karin Bursa joins Christine Barnhart to launch Supply Chain Unfiltered & talk about industry challenges, bad ERPs & the importance of interoperability.

398: Welcome to Supply Chain Unfiltered

There is so much happening behind the scenes here at Let’s Talk Supply Chain – including the launch of a brand new live show! So we’re excited to introduce you to it today.

From disruptions to innovations, ‘Supply Chain Unfiltered’ provides a candid look at the challenges that supply chain professionals face, and brings in forward thinkers and innovators to share their insights on the strategies, technologies, and collaborative efforts shaping the future of supply chain.

And Supply Chain Unfiltered is hosted by Christine Barnhart – the multi-talented supply chain professional who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

Today, in the inaugural episode, Christine is joined by Karin Bursa, CEO of NIRAKIO, to take on some big questions. Will we always be playing catch-up, in an industry that moves the goalposts faster than we can manage? Is it possible to avoid the ERP trap, to implement the systems that businesses need to function in a collaborative supply chain ecosystem? And what can organizations do to lay the groundwork for more interconnected, interoperable supply chain networks?

So, just a few tough topics to kick off the new series! You are going to love this brand-new show, so grab a coffee and a notepad, and get ready to be educated and inspired – with Supply Chain Unfiltered.




[09.25] An introduction to Karin Bursa, her long-time friendship with Christine, and her passion for supply chain tech.

“I had a practitioner background, and I saw the opportunity for technology to make every day a little bit better… I wanted to be part of helping many companies, not just one, do that – and fell in love with supply chain technology!”

[13.15] From innovation and challenges to geopolitical disruption, Karin and Christine discuss the current landscape of supply chain.

“It’s a great time to be in supply chain! If you want to make an impact, you’re in the right domain.”

“There’s some really cool stuff happening, but we have to get out of our own way. The biggest barrier to automation, innovation, visibility – is something called spreadsheets!”

[20.36] An audience poll: “Whose company is currently doing an ERP upgrade?”, and Christine’s reflections on what she sees in the industry when it comes to ERP’s.

“ERP’s were built to show the state of the system today – they weren’t intended to plan the business for the future.”

[22.34] What interoperability means to Karin; how it brings trading partners together; why it needs to facilitate the interpretation of data, as well as just data exchange; and the growing importance of supply chain planning.

“We’ve been talking about ecosystem collaboration since the early 2000’s, it’s not a new idea. But the technology to do it is so much better today.”



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