Dave Shrager of GAINS debunks supply chain myths & talks about the disconnect between tech & results, continuous change & why businesses need to find their why.

390: Achieve Real Results And Innovate For The Future, with GAINS

Today I’m joined by long-standing supply chain tech company GAINS, for the third and final show in our collaborative series together.

GAINS is the supply chain performance optimization company. Its platform drives faster, smarter decisioning everywhere inventory matters. So, with GAINS, supply chain teams can make all the right decisions – at speed and scale – to right-size inventory, strengthen performance, and fulfill customer promises.

Today Dave Shrager, President at GAINS, joins me to talk all about delivering real results for customers. We’re going to dive into the myths that many supply chain professionals still cling to; the traditional approach to transformation projects, the disconnect between the technology available on the market and the outcomes it delivers; and why businesses need to utilize a ‘continuous incremental change’ approach to achieve impactful results.

Guest Bio:

Dave Shrager is an accomplished executive with a career spanning over three decades in the tech and supply chain industries. He currently serves as President at GAINSystems, Inc., where he leads the company in leveraging technology to optimize supply chain practices. Dave assumed the role of President at GAINS in March 2023, bringing a wealth of experience and proven leadership capabilities. Before his current role, he held the position of Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at GAINS from March 2021. Dave has also had a substantial impact at other leading companies. From November 2020 to March 2021, he served as VP of North American Supply Chain Sales at Coupa Software. Before that, he was Vice President of Sales at LLamasoft, Inc., a supply chain planning company acquired by Coupa Software for roughly $1.5 billion. During his time at LLamasoft, Dave led a high-performance team focused on customer success, innovation, and community impact. His decade-long experience at Oracle further solidified his reputation as a top performer. There, he held various roles, ultimately serving as an Enterprise Application Sales Manager, where he demonstrated broad expertise across Oracle’s suite of solutions, from Financials and ERP to Supply Chain. A well-regarded leader, Dave is known for his insights on rethinking supply chain practices and the importance of foundational elements in inventory management. Dave’s leadership is characterized by an ongoing commitment to customer success, innovation, and performance. His vision for the future of supply chain management incorporates continuous reevaluation and adaptation of technological practices to meet evolving demands.




[07.13] An introduction to Dave, his background, and his role at GAINS.

“Some of what is new is actually old! Many of the same topics, problems, challenges – even technology – that we’re talking about isn’t all that different to what it was back in the 90’s.”

[09.06] Why many organizations are still struggling when it comes to investing in technology, and the ongoing challenge of finding the ‘why’.

“It’s disheartening that, all these years later, companies still don’t know why they need to make these investments in technology. So, at GAINS, a big part of our role is to understand our clients, really get to the DNA of what makes their business succeed, and help them to focus on the appropriate decisions to drive impact.”

[11.09] A recent report claims that 83% of executives say their supply chain tech investments haven’t delivered the expected results; the disconnect between the technology available on the market and the outcomes it delivers; and why vendors have to share the blame.

“Vendors are culpable. We create these visions and talk about transformation, but we really don’t talk about how that company is unique… so the first thing we need to ask ourselves is: ‘how do we improve and make sure we focus on results, outcomes and meaningful impacts for our clients’ business?’”

[15.09] The challenges of complex testing environments for smaller businesses; the importance of changing mindsets when it comes to transformation and what it means for your business; and why every organization needs to come back to the ‘why’.

“Transformation has been portrayed as big projects, long periods of time, lots of money… but it doesn’t have to be that way. … you can attack transformation by improving your business one bite at  time.”

[20.14] Debunking ‘truths’ that supply chain professionals hold dear – from ‘desperately seeking certainty’ and why there are no right answers, to whether or not any company has just one supply chain and why all businesses deserve world-class software.

“This quest for perfection will lead to constant frustration.”

[30.28] What decision engineering and composability mean, and how GAINS are using these concepts to help clients.

[35.06] How the right technology can help with effective inventory management and provide a competitive advantage.

“Complexity is the new norm… people are running away from the concept of complexity and, as a vendor, it’s our responsibility to talk about embracing complexity. With today’s technology, there’s  a lot of opportunity to expand the ecosystem instead of retract it.”

[37.04] Why GAINS is equipped to lead the market in a new direction, and the importance of combining tribal knowledge with new innovation in business.

[44.52] From making a difference to pursuing success, what Dave is excited about for 2024.

“Success is contagious!”



Head over to GAINS’s website to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with GAINS and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or X (Twitter), or you can connect with Dave on LinkedIn.

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