Travis Barnier talks about DrayMaster; managing limited freight in a competitive market; building stronger relationships; and effective rate management.

379: Use Effective Rate Management To Boost Your Business, with DrayMaster

Today I’m joined by DrayMaster, a digital drayage brand designed to increase efficiency, save time, and boost profits for truckers and brokers.

Draymaster is the only digital rate management system in the drayage space. DrayMaster’s unique solution facilitates faster cash flow for truckers and more efficiency for brokers, so organizations can spend less time thinking about rates and more time growing their business.

Today Travis Barnier, Business Lead at DrayMaster, joins me to talk all about DrayMaster and what they do; managing limited freight in a competitive market; building stronger relationships by bringing truckers and 3PL’s together; and how effective rate management can supercharge your profits.

Guest Bio:

Travis has been with DrayMaster since it started as a simple drawing in 2012, and has seen it through two acquisitions, first by Envase Technologies and then by WiseTech Global. Before founding DrayMaster, Travis held leadership roles overseeing brokerage and intermodal terminal management, as well as establishing and growing a national trucking company. With over 27 years of experience in drayage, Travis brings industry acumen and hands-on leadership to his role as Business Lead for DrayMaster at WiseTech Global and continues to build impactful solutions for the drayage industry.




[06.53] An introduction to Travis, his experience in the drayage industry, and his journey with DrayMaster.

“There’s platforms out there for things like LTL and truckload, where you can go online and get a rate return, but nothing like that for the drayage space.”

[09.34] An overview of DrayMaster – what they do and how they help their customers.

[10.33] The ideal clients for DrayMaster.

[13.23] An overview of the market, as we look towards 2024, and the landscape for both truckers and 3PL’s.

“It’s a competitive market, and everyone’s fighting over what freight crumbs are out there! From a truckers perspective, we’ve seen an influx of smaller carriers since COVID… and so truckers have to be running lean, agile and responsive.”

[17.03] The unique challenges faced by both truckers and 3PL’s, in a competitive market.

“You wouldn’t believe how many truckers don’t understand their own rates! They’re adding to them over time, and they never get the chance to clean them up.”

“For 3PL’s, they’re just waiting. And they don’t have a clear place to manage and store those rates – 9 times out of 10 I hear it’s on Excel spreadsheets! And then they have nowhere to compare the rates or find new partners, new lanes – not to mention the fuel and surcharges that change often.”

[20.39] A closer look at how organizations can tackle industry challenges, finding the right solutions that also start to unlock opportunities.

“For 3PL’s the biggest pain point is that they need to minimize invoice discrepancies, and they do that by digitizing their rates, working with their partners, and having one place to manage it all.”

[22.27] A closer look at how DrayMaster works, and how both truckers and 3PL’s can utilize their solutions.

[26.42] The importance of collaboration, and how DrayMaster is bringing organizations together to build more effective working partnerships.

“People throw the word partnership around a lot, but they don’t really create true partnerships. A partnership, to me, is when the downtime happens and they’re going to stand by each other and work together to resolve problems – and we lost a lot of that during COVID.”

[29.33] From technology and agility to data and collaboration, the benefits of working with DrayMaster.

“You’re going to become more organized, more responsive and professional-looking, ultimately leading to higher profitability on both sides.”

[32.58] Two case studies show how DrayMaster helped a trucking brand and global forwarder to solve their challenges, and drastically reduce rate reduction requests and invoice discrepancies, resulting in big cost and time savings.

[38.13] The future for DrayMaster.




Head over to DrayMaster’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. Or connect with Travis on LinkedIn.

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