Dyci Sfregola & Hope White discuss how AI is changing the game for supply chain sustainability; & how the right technology will improve your supply chain.

377: How AI is Improving Supply Chain Sustainability, with Dyci Sfregola and Hope White

It’s been a while since we brought you an episode of Thoughts and Coffee on Let’s Talk Supply Chain, but this recent episode was too good not to share. Because it was hosted by, not one, but two of our super talented live show hosts.

Dyci Sfregola, host of Action Items, and Hope White, host of No Bullshipping, sat down to discuss how AI is changing the game when it comes to supply chain sustainability. They took a closer look at how companies are balancing their financial and sustainability goals; the challenge of using AI for supply chain sustainability; and how choosing the right technology will improve your supply chain.

If it wasn’t already, sustainability has to be top of mind for organizations as we head into 2024, so learning about how technology can help, and tuning into resources like this one, is essential for all supply chain leaders.

So grab your cup of coffee and your notebook, and get ready to be inspired.




[06.27] From recent episodes to upcoming events, an update on what’s happening at Let’s Talk Supply Chain.

[08.35] An introduction to Dyci’s co-host, Hope White.

[11.04] Dyci and Hope discuss a recent Let’s Talk Supply Chain poll – “What is the biggest challenge in modern supply chain management?”

“The blindness that we have in this current supply chain market is unprecedented… If you don’t know what your volume looks like, you can’t predict your revenue or pay your expenses… And some clients can’t even plan for the next couple of weeks, let alone the rest of the quarter.” Hope

[15.48] A market update – Hope shares her perspective on the drayage industry, whilst Dyci shares what she’s seeing in digital supply chain.

“People want to automate what doesn’t exist! People want to throw things into a system without having the data to support it, and without truly thinking about the processes and the training.” Dyci

[19.04] Dyci and Hope discuss Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s article ‘Mastering Cloud Technology – An Ultimate Guide.’

“What we’re seeing with AI and TMS in the cloud is that there’s still a lot of missing points… We’re still using four or five systems and not seeing that integration.” Hope

“Whenever someone says they have an integration, always ask what that looks like. Is it an API, will your team build it out, will mine – what does that really look like?” Dyci

[25.42] Dyci and Hope discuss sustainability and carbon footprint in supply chain, and the role of AI and technology.

“The supply chain is really at the heart of any sustainability goals – it’s the solution, but sometimes also the problem!” Dyci

[33.09] Hope and Dyci’s final thoughts on AI, technology and sustainability.




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