T.J. Kragenbrink talks about her career pivot and what she's learned along the way; becoming an industry award-winner; and making strides in sustainability.

372: Women In Supply Chain™, T.J. Kragenbrink

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by T.J. Kragenbrink – former calculus teacher and Harvard alum turned actuarial studied work-from-home mama, driving operational efficiencies in the post-purchase return experience for busy consumers everywhere.

After achieving her master’s from Harvard, T.J. became a mathematics teacher before changing direction to enter the busy world of supply chain. A leader in the reverse logistics space, T.J. applies her extensive experience in logistics, data management, tech development, and statistical analysis to deliver innovations that help clients reduce returns-related costs, optimize the customer experience, and improve sustainability.

Today T.J. will be talking to us about that fascinating career pivot and what she’s learned along the way; the huge potential to be found in post-purchase solutions; becoming an industry award-winner; and making strides in sustainability.





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Supply & Demand Chain

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[07.23] T.J.’s early years, from education to her career as a teacher.

“I had a unique path, even as a teacher I had a start-up mentality.”

[11.18] The four big transferable skills that T.J. took from teaching to supply chain.

“There are some big things I took away. My skill for organization, documentation, iterating and learning.”

[15.03] Why T.J. decided to leave teaching, and the journey that brought her to supply chain.

“I had the confidence to say ‘I know what I’m worth, and these are my boundaries.’”

[20.01] The mentor who inspired and advised T.J. throughout her career journey.

[21.12] An introduction to Inmar Intelligence and what they do; and the unique culture Inmar has created to support and nurture its team.

[23.22] The importance of a supportive culture for working mothers; prioritizing self-care; and how T.J. finds her personal work/life balance.

“I work hard to plan that self-care time, I put it on my calendar so my husband can see it!”

[29.11] T.J. reflects on sustainability – what she does personally, as well as how she is tackling the complex issue of post-purchase solutions at Inmar.

“Returns, by their nature, are not great for the environment. But we’re trying to mitigate that impact… Piggybacking on existing transit lines, allowing returns to ride consolidated, instead of single… utilizing any and all re-used options. In an ideal world that’s plastic free, but we’re not there yet.”

[35.37] T.J.’s recent 2023 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Women In Supply Chain™ award win, and what she’s looking forward to at the forum.

“I’ve been working remote for three years, and I’m so looking forward to hanging out with other women who are doing what I’m doing!”

[37.20] Why women should pursue a career in supply chain, and T.J.’s advice.

“Supply chain is such an easy space for women to walk into, because it’s so logical. And women are such problem-solvers!… We need more confident women in the industry.”

[39.55] The future for T.J.




You can connect with T.J. over on LinkedIn.

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