Pete Gowanlock talks about KNNX; the benefits of blockchain; technology & collaboration; and solving the challenge of visibility and information sharing.

368: Harness The Power Of Blockchain To Transform Your Supply Chain, with KNNX

Today I’m joined by market-leading tech company KNNX, formally DLT Labs.

KNNX is a global leader in the development and delivery of enterprise blockchain technologies and solutions, as well as a pioneer in the creation and implementation of standards for application development. With a track record in innovation, and one of the world’s largest pools of highly experienced blockchain experts, KNNX enables the transformation and innovation of complex multi-stakeholder processes.

Today Peter Gowanlock, VP of Freight Solutions at KNNX, will be telling me all about KNNX and what they do; bringing the benefits of blockchain to supply chain; using technology to facilitate collaboration; and solving the challenge of visibility and information sharing for organizations.

Guest bio:

Pete has 30+ years of expertise in financial supply chains and fintech systems integrations from consulting engagements and leading strategic project teams for U.S. Bank, Syncada and now KNNX, formally DLT Labs. Pete’s passion is providing financial supply chain solutions through modern technologies such as blockchain, IoT and AI that allow all parties in the SCL eco-system (shippers, carriers, 3PLs, brokers, etc) to realize value from trust, visibility, automation, and operational efficiencies. He holds a B.Sc. In Mathematics with a double minor in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Waterloo, in Canada.




[07.04] An introduction to blockchain.

“Blockchain is a digital ledger… data is decentralized and it’s harder to hack.”

[09.39] Why the conversations around blockchain have taken a back seat in the last year, but why it remains key to the future of supply chain.

“Blockchain is healthy. Organizations have done proof of concepts, learned from them, and now it’s a matter of taking the learnings and implementing them to add valuable solutions for the supply chain.”

[11.34] The current landscape of blockchain in supply chain, and its huge potential for the future.

“We’re going to see blockchain enhance the use of data. There are many systems that provide the visibility, but what are you doing with that data – are you making it actionable and performing business decisions in real-time?”

[12.34] An introduction to KNNX – who they are, what they do and how they help their customers.

[15.41] The ideal client for KNNX.

[17.38] A closer look at KNNX Freight, and examples of effective real-life applications.

“It’s a collaborative network for freight.”

[22.34] KNNX’s Asset Track platform, and how the solutions within it are solving the challenge of visibility and information sharing for organizations.

[25.21] The importance of collaboration, and why advancing technology is key to helping companies work effectively together.

[27.25] A closer look at onboarding and integration with KNNX.

[32.28] The many and varied opportunities within blockchain, from cybersecurity to sustainability.

“The distributed nature of blockchain, with data replicated across different nodes, enhances security and makes it harder for hackers to access data.”

[35.44] The future for blockchain, and its application across supply chain.

“We’ll see more and more track and trace applications… and ESG and compliance.”

[37.34] The future for KNNX.




Head over to KNNX’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with KNNX and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or X (Twitter), or you can connect with Pete on LinkedIn.

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