Bobby Strenk tells us all about SecurSpace; the challenges of limited storage and parking space; collaboration and connectivity; and improving driver experience.

363: Grab On-Demand Access To Yard Space, with SecurSpace

Today I’m joined by SecurSpace, a digital logistics marketplace that connects companies looking for parking and storage options to those with dedicated or excess capacity.

Built to combat issues caused by the lack of adequate space in cities and near major highways and interstates, SecurSpace enables on demand access to a rapidly growing network of industrial facilities and businesses searching for parking and storage solutions.

Today Bobby Strenk, Senior Director of SecurSpace Marketplace, will be telling me all about SecurSpace and what they do; the challenges of limited storage and parking space; bringing stakeholders together through collaboration and connectivity; improving driver experience; and becoming a part of the WiseTech Global family.

Guest bio:

Bobby has a passion for digitizing and streamlining the traditional supply chain. Since joining the SecurSpace team in its early start-up days as a Customer Success Associate, he has grown alongside the company through its US expansion and two acquisitions – first by Envase Technologies and then by WiseTech Global. As the Senior Director – Marketplace, Bobby is responsible for expanding the buyer and supplier communities on the marketplace across the continental US. Bobby has a Bachelor of Science, Entrepreneurship and Communications degree from Miami University. In his spare time, he enjoys golf and boating.




[05.31] The impact that a lack of industrial outdoor storage (IOS) near major intermodal hubs, as well as the scarcity of overnight truck parking near major highways, is having on the transportation and supply chain industries.

“In large urban areas, development is focused on lifestyle… people want to see restaurants, apartments, retail – not yards that can store containers, trailers and trucks. And that lack of supply leads to high rates for storage.”

[08.04] An introduction to SecurSpace – who they are, what they do and how they help their customers.

[10.09] A closer look at the SecurSpace Marketplace from a customer’s perspective.

“It’s access to a growing national network, almost 1,000 locations across the Unites States… you’re able to find the right solution for your needs, with flexible arrangements and payments.”

[14.04] A case study showing how SecurSpace helped a key client to avoid waiting times and detention and demurrage costs, boosting efficiency and saving time and money.

[19.50] How SecurSpace brings collaboration and connectivity together to help create efficiency and drive the industry forward.

“You don’t need to build a new facility to create additional capacity – leverage what’s existing. If we, as a society, want to reduce our carbon footprint, and given that real estate is finite, wouldn’t you rather use what already exists?”

[23.13] The importance of putting a focus on exceptional driver experience, and how SecurSpace is helping to tackle the labor shortage and improve industry conditions by creating a better, safer, more efficient working environment for drivers.

“It’s time to change the narrative… we believe the answer is really rooted in visibility on available storage versus an actual shortage of spaces.”

[27.08] A closer look at the SecurSpace Marketplace from a partner’s perspective.

“It’s the most cost-effective strategy to diversify revenue streams, through monetising under-used storage capacity and extending your sales reach to our buyer base of over 6,000 motor carriers, 3PL’s and shippers.”

[29.44] The ideal clients, both customers and partners, for SecurSpace.

[32.37] How SecurSpace’s gate management solution enhances their offering.

“At the driver level, they’re able to be paid more. At a motor carrier level, they’re able to better service their clients.”

[34.28] SecurSpace’s recent acquisition by WiseTech Global, and what it means to them to become part of the WiseTech family.

[36.01] The future for SecurSpace.




Head over to SecurSpace’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too, or you can connect with Bobby on LinkedIn.

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