353: Women In Supply Chain™, Holly Pearce

In today’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™, I’m joined by Holly Pearce, a self-confessed supply chain champion!

Holly has over 20 years of industry experience, working at the director level across multiple global organizations. Currently the Director of Logistics for C+D Trojan, she is a transformation champion, seeking to improve supply chain processes and customer experience through continuous improvement, vertical integration, and shared visibility.

Today Holly will be talking to us about her career so far; the changing landscape of logistics; swapping teaching for studying; and why she’s a self-confessed supply chain champion. Plus, she’ll be sharing her experiences as a woman in supply chain, as well as her words of advice for all of the women following in her footsteps.




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[07.25] Holly’s background and how she found and fell in love with, supply chain.

[08.56] Holly’s experience managing the logistics and transportation for big traveling events, such as the circus and Disney on Ice

[14.34] Why Holly took the opportunity to become a lecturer at Virginia Commonwealth University.

[16.35] Why, despite her extensive career experience, Holly chose to pursue further qualifications and study for an MBA and Master of Supply Chain Management at VCU, and how she balances work with family and study.

[19.31] Holly’s day job as director of logistics at C&D Trojan, her responsibilities, and what she loves about the role

[22.59] Holly’s thoughts on the industry challenges, opportunities, and trends to look out for.

[22.59] How the supply chain industry has changed during the course of Holly’s career, the lessons she’s learned along the way, and the changing landscape for women.

[30.45] Why young people should consider a career in supply chain.

[32.57] Why Holly considers herself a supply chain champion, and why every organization should have one.

[36.29] Holly’s biggest achievement in her career so far.

[37.33] Holly’s advice for all of the young people looking to follow in her footsteps.

[39.21] The future for Holly.




You can connect with Holly over on LinkedIn.

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