Jonas Krumland chats about Logward; improving relationships through integration; and the importance of changing mindsets, as well as building great software.

343: Create a One-Stop Solution for Supply Chain Automation, with Logward

Today I’m joined by Logward, an exciting tech brand with a vision of a future where supply chain departments lead the transformation of their industries, instead of simply transporting it.

Logward is a logistics technology company offering supply chain management as a service, delivering end-to-end visibility as well as control over freight shipments through cloud based solutions. As a 4PL, Logward helps shippers manage FCL, LCL, air, and overland transports while reducing unplanned costs like detention and demurrage, improving invoice accuracy, monitoring allocations and capacity, and much, much, more.

Today Jonas Krumland, CEO and Founder at Logward, joins me to chat all about the company and what they do; improving relationships and optimizing spend through integration; and the importance of putting a focus on changing mindsets, as well as building great software.

Guest bio:

Jonas Krumland, born in Oldenburg, Germany, completed a dual course of study at Leschaco, a globally-active freight forwarding company, where in different non-managerial and managerial positions, across various functions, he built his expertise in both the fundamentals and special niches of supply chain management. From 2014 to 2016 Jonas was a Key Account Manager and Business Development Manager and in 2016 he took over responsibility for Leschaco’s global digitization efforts as Head of Global Business Transformation. In 2018 he developed the idea and concept behind Logward, a company that combines supply chain expertise with software know-how to create a cloud platform that serves shippers and beneficial cargo owners. Since Logward’s foundation in April 2018 he is in charge as CEO.



[07.24] Jonas’s background, and why he founded Logward in 2018.

“I was working for a freight forwarding specialist, and lots of the customers we were serving were looking for an LLP who could manage their supply chain holistically, from end-to-end, all over the world.”

[09.56] What has, and hasn’t, changed in the last five years, and a look at today’s key challenges and trends.

“I don’t think that so much has changed in our landscape during the last five years. What definitely has changed is the attention and the sense of urgency.”

[12.03] An overview of Logward – what they do, how they help their customers and their approach to technology integration and onboarding.

“It’s easier to tweak and adjust technology than it is to tweak and adjust human beings!”

[18.22] The ideal customer for Logward.

[22.23] A closer look at Logward’s Sourcing Solutions – what they do, the key features and benefits.

[25.17] From capacity to forecasting, how Logward’s Procurement Solutions are addressing some of the industry’s trending concerns.

“It’s improving carrier relationships… if we look at how often a booking is rejected, this number decreases the longer our solution is used.”

[31.33] An overview of Logward’s Transport Solutions, and the visibility it provides.

“Managing non-conformance and delays is more than just knowing what’s happening. We also need to know why it has happened, and what are my options to solve it.”

[33.59] How Logward works with customers to understand their unique needs and develop strategic, customized control towers.

“Every seasoned supply chain manager has seen those huge technology projects which take five years and ridiculous amounts of budget and at the end they’re not successful…. You avoid that by listening properly.”

[37.28] How the lack of transformational resources across many businesses is impacting change and digitization across the industry; and why it is so important to change mindsets as well as build great software.

“Tech intelligence is probably one of the scarcest resources we have… so we have a massive imbalance of availability of tech resources vs the magnitude of problems we want to solve.”

[41.10] What does and doesn’t work when it comes to digitizing supply chains in the real world.

[44.17] The future for Logward.




Head over to Logward’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Logward and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo, or you can connect with Jonas on LinkedIn.

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