A group shares their thoughts on an inclusive workplace with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey.

323: Blended – How to Foster an Inclusive Workplace

It’s episode 29 of Blended: I’m joined by a new panel of incredible guests and, today, we’re talking about fostering an inclusive workplace.

Creating an inclusive workplace doesn’t just benefit your employees, it can pay off in dividends for your business. Companies with a strong culture of inclusion—one that encourages innovation and collaboration among staff—are increasingly seen as more attractive to potential employees, clients, and investors. From revising hiring practices to restructuring internal policies, embracing diversity can be an invaluable asset to any organization.

Today, we’ll discuss how you can foster a positive atmosphere at work where everyone feels accepted and respected no matter their gender identity or cultural background.








[00.58] Introductions to our Blended panelists.

  • Desiree Booker – Founder/CEO of ColorVizion Lab
  • Jonathan Townsley – Senior Business Partner at Sterling
  • Brian Glick – Founder/CEO of Chain.io

[04.10] The group shares their definitions of what being an inclusive workplace means, and which groups we may be talking about.

“It means figuring out how we can create a level playing field so that everyone has an opportunity to thrive in their respective roles.” Desiree

  • Understanding the individual needs of these groups
  • Understanding the challenges and inequities they face
  • Creating safe spaces in the workplace
  • Giving individuals the platforms they need to be successful
  • Intentionality
  • Listening & understanding the challenges people face
  • Figuring out how individuals would like to be supported

[11.26] The panel discusses the challenges of creating an inclusive workplace.

“To get it into our DNA you have to get past that tokenism, right? Its the intentionality.” Anonmyous

  • Mistakes are going to be made
  • Getting all levels of leadership on board
  • Accountability
  • DEI leader burnout
  • Lack of resources and support
  • Fear around language
  • How we change communication
  • Treating people as individuals
  • Setting boundaries

“Your actions need to speak louder than just the words.” Sarah

[25.30] The group discusses the role that bias plays in inclusive workplaces, how to get over it, how to make it a part of communication, and how to normalize it.

“We have to build up in our cultures and our workplaces that you shouldn’t be afraid to make that mistake. Be mindful of it, but don’t be afraid.” Johnathan

  • Being open to receiving feedback without bias
  • To not be afraid of making a mistake
  • Letting actions speak louder than words
  • Embracing change
  • Self-reflection
  • Approaching teams without bias
  • Becoming more vocal about sharing points of view
  • HR’s role in removing bias in the workplace
  • Solutions to getting over the bias
  • Bridging skills and talent gaps
  • Hiring based on values alignment
  • Industry expectations
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Being Vulnerable

“We’re all human beings so bias is going to creep up at some point, you just have to be able to recognize it and check it.” Desiree

[1.06] The panel sums up their thoughts from today’s discussion.

“Be who you are, love it, be fabulous. Be the world you want to live in and the rest will usually take care of itself.” Brian



Encouraging an inclusive work environment is essential for an organization’s success, as it can help foster communication between teams, promote respect among different cultures and perspectives and lead to better emotional well-being for employees. We hope this article has helped to demystify the term “inclusive workplace” and offered practical steps for cultivating one. Everyone has a role to play in fostering inclusivity at work; from tackling our own biases to helping create an open dialogue about diversity, we can all work together to make sure everyone feels safe and accepted. If you found this post informative and would like to stay connected with us, please follow us on social media where we offer regular tips and tricks related to creating an inclusive workplace. Together we can take steps toward creating a workplace culture where everyone feels respected and valued.

You can connect with Desiree, Johnathan, and Brian over on LinkedIn.

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