236: Blended – Age Is Just A Number

It’s episode 15 of Blended: I’m joined by another incredible panel of guests and we’re talking about ageism. When it comes to the spectrum of topics in the DEI world, it’s not the most talked about, so it’s important to open it up, hear what others have to say and learn something new. And that’s exactly why we do the show: diving into other people’s experiences, leaning into empathy, engaging with new points of view – it’s what opens up our minds and makes us all better employees, leaders, entrepreneurs, and people.

Today we’ll be diving into our guests personal experiences with ageism; why ageism isn’t just an issue for the old; ageism’s place within the larger context of DEI discussions; and the panel will be sharing their advice for creating more inclusive workplaces.




[0.32] Introductions to our Blended panellists.

  • Lisa – Supply Chain Manager at Rapala VMC Corporation
  • Lavinia – Founder and Host of Women in Blockchain Talks
  • Brendan – Founder and CEO at AccidentPlan
  • Leona – Chief Technology Officer at Benefits Data Trust
  • Rebecca – Assistant Director, Vessel Services Division at T&T Salvage LLC

“At my dinner table, there’s nobody smarter than the oldest teenager and nobody dumber than a boomer!” Brendan

[06.02] The guests share their own experiences with ageism, and reflect on why it continues to be an issue within the workplace and society overall.

  • Dynamic between generations
  • How old you look vs how old you are
  • Capability, experience and knowledge
  • The truth behind assumptions
  • The words we use, their implications and reshaping the conversation

“I’ve had people assume that I don’t understand how to use something as simple as Facebook. I’ve built systems more complex than Facebook! …There’s an assumption that, if you’re of a certain age, you don’t understand.” Leona

[32.14] The panel discuss how we can better support people as they move through their careers, and ensure that at every stage, it’s working for everyone.

  • Job shadowing and mentorship
  • Cultural belonging and creating safe spaces
  • Allyship and finding your voice
  • Fear of losing your job
  • Policies and procedures
  • Bias – challenging each other and modelling for others
  • Leadership

“How do you develop a culture where speaking up is acceptable? We can educate ourselves and have the right motives, but to put that out into the universe requires courage. And that’s the systemic change we need to see, this overwhelming sense of courage to speak for truth.” Rebecca

[56.42] The group dig deeper into the reasons that ageism is rife throughout society, and how we can move out of a culture of divided workplaces.

“Unless you’re willing to stand up and support someone else’s action, change is very slow and you only see it many years after the damage has been done.” Lavinia

[1.06.08] The panellists consider ageism alongside other issues within the world of diversity and inclusion, and why we don’t talk about it as much as we should.

  • Self-reflection, introspection and challenging our own bias
  • Learned bias
  • Creating two-way conversations and non-toxic dialogues
  • Courage to face push back
  • Self-development

[1.15.20] The panelists sum-up their learnings from today’s discussion.





You can connect with Lisa, Lavinia, Brendan, Leona and Rebecca over on LinkedIn.

Check out our other podcasts HERE.


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