Erik Kiser talks EDI with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey.

281: Solve Onboarding with EDI Software from Orderful

Today I’m joined by Orderful, a forward-thinking EDI software provider, that is on a mission to modernize contemporary supply chains.

Orderful is a complete cloud EDI platform for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and technology companies. With an API that enables companies to connect once and trade EDI data with their supply chain, Orderful customers are able to consolidate their EDI software integration complexity and quickly enable trading partners as self-service to reduce costs.

Today Erik Kiser, founder and CEO at Orderful, joins me to chat all about the company: what they do; why it’s so important to help the small guys get to market; why existing EDI software infrastructures can’t keep up; and Orderful’s mission to create a world where data trading is not a barrier.




[06.41] Erik’s founder story, and the journey that led him to “experience the tension between small suppliers and giant buyers” first hand, and establish Orderful.

“I saw what the larger enterprise integration environment looked like for manufacturers, and I started to recognize that the problems still existed at a larger scale. And the problem didn’t only exist for the brand, it also existed for their trading partners.”

[11.37] A closer look at the challenges businesses face as they trade data, why most EDI software providers on the market don’t adequately address these challenges, and why offering custom software isn’t enough.

“The biggest problem isn’t the technology itself – it’s getting two companies to collaborate to get the job done.”

[14.23] An overview of Orderful – what they do, and how they help their customers.

[17.52] From real-time feedback to quickly resolving problems and validating data, a closer look at all the ways Orderful can help businesses save time.

“We save 90% on what a traditional EDI software onboarding would look like. We consolidate all the requirements so that when a company hits their API, they get real-time feedback on what data is or is not going to be accepted by a trading partner.”

[22.21] How the pandemic has changed the way businesses think about data, how they relate to it and move it around their networks.

[24.08] How Orderful’s EDI software works for logistics.

“Traditionally in logistics, providers offer a managed service for onboarding, but their trading partners also have a managed service, so you’re working with two different consulting firms to get the job done. With Orderful, we’re representing shippers and they’re inviting carriers to trade with them, through our platform.”

[26.52] The onboarding process with Orderful, and what they mean by the phrase ‘self-service.’

“What was taking about eight weeks, is now taking around five days or less.”

[29.26] How Orderful can help to better support supplier diversity.

“It really levels the playing field. Only about 20% of the market has an EDI software provider or solution… We’re focused on: ‘How do we service that other 80% of the market that doesn’t have the same opportunities that the top 20% have?’”

[31.10] The ideal client for Orderful.

[32.32] A case study showing how Orderful helped Coke Industries to define its onboarding process, through automation, reduction of back and forth and the creation of a more efficient team – ultimately helping them to reduce a typical eight week onboarding to five days.

[37.56] The future for Orderful, after securing an extra $19 million in series B funding in 2021.




Head over to Orderful’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Orderful and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube, or you can connect with Erik on LinkedIn.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear more from Orderful, check out their blog A New Cloud EDI Platform: 5 Ways to Simplify EDI, or watch Erik on a special live episode of Thoughts and Coffee, where Erik and Sarah dive into more issues around EDI and trending industry news.

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