216: Sustainable Packaging Trends

Today I’m excited to be joined by Sarah Scudder, President & CRO at Real Sourcing Network and a superstar in the packaging space, who is helping to change the way we think about how the products we sell, and use, are packaged.

Packaging is a really important topic, because so much of our economy is based around consumption – an average consumer in the western world will handle more than 50 packaged products or items every single day! – and so the conversations around issues like the air miles of those products, the labor practices and of course, sustainability, are key.

Today Sarah joins me to chat all about single vs multi-use plastics, recycling vs reusing, innovations in the packaging space, and the impact more sustainable packaging can have on both business and the environment.



[06.51] The truth about fossil-based plastic production.

“99% of plastics are made from oil and/or natural gas: so the greater the demand for plastic packaging, the greater the need for fossil fuels.”

[09.18] A closer look at the technicalities around recycling – the different rules and regulations, lack of machinery, lack of consumer understanding and the profitability of used plastics.

“Consumers don’t know how to properly dispose of their plastic packaging, so they simply don’t – they throw it in the trash.”

[13.08] Six ways companies can quickly pivot towards greater sustainability in their packaging – without spending a fortune.

[19.41] How to choose the right packaging for your business.

“All plastic is not bad… multi-use plastic can actually be more sustainable than other types of paper packaging.”

[22.27] How recyclable packaging is driving competitive advantage, particularly with Gen Z consumers, and the brands who are setting good examples.

“If you make that investment… you need to make sure you partner with marketing to leverage that messaging.”

[28.32] New innovations in packaging materials, including IKEA’s mushroom packaging.

[32.16] The ‘resin identification code’ on your plastics – how to identify it, what it means and how it can help consumers to recycle more effectively.

[36.17] Sarah’s top tips for making your packaging lighter.



Head over to Real Sourcing Network’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with RSN and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn or Twitter, or you can connect with Sarah on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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