Episode 140: Lessons Learned From Crisis – Diversity Matters

We’re back with Episode 3 of our “Lessons Learned from Crisis” mini-series, in partnership with Tealbook.

In last week’s episode ‘Stay Ready,’ we talked to Tealbook’s VP of Strategy Matt Palackdharry to talk about the importance of good data, the value to be found in transparency and collaboration and why, despite only being founded in 2014, IDC recently ranked Tealbook as the #4 procurement platform tool currently in use today.

Today in Episode 3, Diversity Matters, I‘m joined by Tealbook’s COO Ian Woodbury to talk about the importance of diversity, what the COVID crisis has taught Tealbook about resilience and innovation and how, as a company, they continue to evolve to support our rapidly changing industry.


[00.58] Ian’s background, his role at Tealbook and why diversity is close to his heart.

“I saw this incredible opportunity to improve the way businesses are approaching diversity.” 

[03.25] Why diversity in supply chain is so important.

[07.47] Tealbook’s quick and easy Supplier Diversity Self-Certification process.

“I’ve timed it – from start to finish, it will take you 30 minutes.”

[11.16] Tealbook’s Tier 2 Diversity Program and its benefits to both big businesses and small suppliers.

[16.35] Why it’s so important for suppliers to participate in these kinds of programs, and really embrace a new world of diversity.

“A key part of this transformation is for suppliers to see the change, embrace it and get the benefit of it.”

[21.20] Why technology needs to continue to evolve, and businesses need to continue to innovate so, as an industry, we can meet rapidly evolving requirements and achieve our goals.

[24.48] How Tealbook invests in, and leverages, technology to stay ahead of the game and support that innovation.

[26.55] How Tealbook builds trust, reduces cost and lowers risk for companies who want to work with diverse suppliers but are nervous about taking the leap.

[28.51] The biggest lesson Tealbook learned from the COVID-19 crisis, and how it helped them find their niche.

“We will keep innovating to provide the tools to respond to the next unknown unknown – and we all know there’s always a next one.”


Head over to Tealbook’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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