Episode 132: You Won’t Believe What We’ve Seen: High Stakes

We’re back with Episode 3 of our ‘You Won’t Believe What We’ve Seen’ mini-series, in partnership with SQA services, and I’m sure you’re enjoying it just as much as I am.

In last week’s episode ‘Saving Lives’, we were joined by SQA founder and President Mike McKay, as well as the President & CEO of Civica Rx Martin VanTrieste, to talk about supply chain and the importance of quality in the life sciences industry. We explored the dark world of counterfeit drugs and shadow factories, the impact of COVID-19, drug shortages and ultimately the importance of supply chain in saving lives. Don’t forget to check it out if you missed it!

Today, we’re taking on the complex world of technology and Mike McKay is joined by his Father, Chairman of SQA, Jim McKay.

They’re going to be exploring some of the latest technological advances in the industry and explaining how quality is so closely linked to honesty, communication, collaboration and partnership. And how, if you don’t have a focus on quality from the beginning, the impact on today’s technology-driven and dependent society is potentially devastating.


[01.03] Introducing Mike McKay.
[02.08] Introducing Jim McKay.

“The more things change, the more they remain the same – and that applies to what we’re doing at SQA.” (JMK)

[03.46] SQA’s key partnerships in the technology industry, from Apple to Google.
[04.41] Finding the right experts and building customized teams to meet customer challenges.
[05.56] How SQA bring their expertise to help their customers save time and money on vital audits and inspections.

“Our product is our people.” (MMK)

[10.20] The origins of Intertek, which lead Jim to partner with Mike and found SQA.
[13.50] Mike’s background, his perspective on working with his Dad and pivoting the Intertek approach to find a new path for SQA.
[16.49] The challenge of the ‘hard sell’ and encouraging customer investment in up-front strategies for quality.
[20.27] Why SQA are constantly striving for quality, and how they work in partnership with their customers to continue to deliver it.

“It’s a relentless task!” (JMK)

[24.54] How a focus on quality from the outset, alongside choosing the right partners, can reduce future defects and recalls.

“We got out to one service supplier where the address didn’t even exist!”

[27.46] The rise of cyber audits and the importance of quality in security and data.
[30.56] The importance of partnerships in an ever changing technological world.


You can connect with Mike and Jim on LinkedIn, or head over to SQA’s website now to find out more, meet the team and discover how they could help you too.

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