Episode 127 – Women In Supply Chain™, Martha Lumatete

This week’s episode of Women In Supply Chain™ Series features Martha Lumatete.  Inspired by both her grandmother, who began her own construction supply business, and her father, an accomplished lawyer in Kenya, Martha Lumatete always had her sights set on success. In today’s episode, she discusses her incredible journey so far, from those initial aspirations to the woman she is today.

After graduating law school, she took a role at Pepsi working in data and analysis and became fascinated with the supply chain process – how a product works its way through manufacture and distribution, and the consumer behavior behind it. Driven by her natural curiosity, bravery and thirst for knowledge, Martha worked in a number of different industries and areas, gathering new skills and experiences along the way.

Currently working for Southwest Airlines in software acquisition, Martha brings her own unique blend of integrity, passion and positivity to the table, reminding us that good business is not just about making good deals, it’s all about nurturing great relationships.


[06.20] Martha’s background and her journey to success
[14.28] Her current role and responsibilities for Southwest Airlines

“They lead with love, but they have a warrior spirit”

[18.58] The importance of building strong partnerships

“If there’s no partnership, you’re going to have a company that is struggling”

[22.25] Martha’s inspiration and the quote she lives by. “Be generous and expert; trustworthy and clear; open-minded and adaptable; persistent and present.”
[25.25] Personal courage and risk-taking, and how that links to the importance of agility in business: continuing to learn, grow, support others and grasp opportunity

“The one thing that’s constant is change”


Head over to LinkedIn to connect with Martha and continue to follow her inspirational journey.

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