Evan Shelley of Truck Parking Club talks about creating tech that truckers want to use; why the industry is tough for the small guys; & transforming trucking logistics.

404: Parking Your Truck Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3, with Truck Parking Club

Today I’m joined by Truck Parking Club, a logistics tech brand that is on mission to help truckers save time and fuel by efficiently finding and reserving truck parking across the U.S.

Truck Parking Club has a network of instantly reservable hourly, daily, weekly and monthly truck parking locations. With a network of over 200 sites across the U.S., Truck Parking Club connects truckers to locations, providing parking for truckers and monetizing vacant properties for landowners.

Today Evan Shelley, Co-founder and CEO at Truck Parking Club, joins me to talk all about Truck Parking Club and what they do; creating technology that truckers actually want to use; the power to be found in collaboration; and how Truck Parking Club have become an influential force in transforming how trucking logistics operates.

Guest bio:

Evan Shelley is Co-founder and CEO of Truck Parking Club, a company providing parking for truckers by monetizing vacant properties for landowners. Evan is a truck parking expert with a deep knowledge of the business. Using his experiences in truck parking and real estate he is working to help solve the truck parking shortage and bring awareness to the issue.




[06.49] Evan’s background in real estate, and how his experiences led him to found Truck Parking Club.

“Everyone’s telling me there’s demand for it, that there isn’t enough of it – then I go to try and make more of it, and the municipality shuts me down. So I thought, ‘let’s look into this more, the U.S. has a huge problem.’”

[08.49] An overview of the current trucking landscape, and the challenges the industry is facing.

“It’s tough out there for the smaller guys, they’re doing everything they can to hold on. But it appears, coming into 2024, that things may be stabilizing.”

“The interesting thing about our business is that it’s paid parking. But drivers are leveraging it to do more business… Drivers are doing everything they can to find more opportunities, access better lanes… but it’s tough out there, there’s a lot of supply, a lot of capacity, and not enough loads to go around.”

[12.24] How The Truck Parking Club process works for truckers.

“Typically, a drivers first-time booking takes them 10 minutes or less.”

[13.30] How Truck Parking Club utilizes networking to access and secure available parking locations.

“It’s worked really well, and now the overall majority of our parking locations are in-bound – they find us!”

[16.43] How much land an owner needs to sign up to Truck Parking Club, and start monetizing empty and available space.

[18.57] The development of the Truck Parking Club app, how it works, and why it was designed entirely with drivers in mind.

“From the very beginning, we talked with our clients constantly about what we needed to do. And ultimately, throughs tens of thousands of iterations like that, we’ve created an app that makes drivers say ‘wow’!”

[21.43] The impact that Truck Parking Club is having on truckers, businesses, and the industry.

“Helping the trucker save time and fuel is key… and we’re ultimately improving the supply chain… we’re making the entire system more efficient, and impacting thousands of truckers on a monthly basis.”

[24.42] The top three reasons why truckers need local parking; and how Truck Parking Club is evolving as drivers discover fresh ways to use the solution, and empower themselves with new flexibility and control.

“That’s the cool thing – we’ve developed a product and let the customer figure out how they want to use it.”

[27.57] A case study detailing how Truck Parking Club “completely changed” a key clients business, improving their efficiency and impact.

“We’re saving drivers thousands of hours a month, and we’re just getting started.”

[31.38] The environmental impact of saving thousands of hours of fuel annually, and how sustainability is inherent within Truck Parking Club.

“We’ve kept the driver in mind and made them more efficient, therefore creating positive effects for sustainability. And the better we get at our jobs, the more sustainably they’ll be running.”

[33.42] Truck Parking Club’s 300+ locations over the U.S, and the additional locations they’d like to add to their portfolio.

[36.04] The future for Truck Parking Club.




Head over to Truck Parking Club’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too. You can also connect with Truck Parking Club and keep up to date with the latest over on LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, X (Twitter) or Facebook or you can connect with Evan on LinkedIn.

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