199: Blended – From the classroom to the boardroom: the truth about workplace bullying

I cannot believe we’re already at Episode 8 of Blended! I’m so proud of how the show has been received so far, and the positivity and open-mindedness that I’m hearing from you all is so inspiring – it shows how many of us really are open to educating ourselves, supporting our communities and making changes for the future.

Episode 8 also marks a change for Blended, as the absolutely fabulous Madison Mobley has agreed to join me as regular co-host!

Today in Episode 8, ‘From the classroom to the boardroom: the truth about workplace bullying,’ Madison and I are joined by a new group of inspirational supply chain professionals who are passionate about people and about social issues in our industry and in the community at large; and they share their stories with us to help shine a light on the big topic of workplace bullying.



[03.59] Introductions to our Blended panellists.

  • Everette – Director, North America at Lyric Robot
  • Grant – President at Procurigence, Inc.
  • Judi – LinkedIn Business Accelerator

[09.31] The group discuss the difference between bullying, harassment and micro-aggressions.

“When you’re in a workplace, and somebody takes your power, it quickly brings you back to that place when you were a child.” Everette.

[16.21] The panellists share their different experiences of bullying, both personally and professionally.

  • What drives acts of bullying, harassment and micro-aggression?
  • The victim’s struggle with ‘Why me?’
  • The role of job title, position and location in bullying.
  • Why victims often choose to just ‘suck it up.’
  • How to identify red flags.
  • The impact of power struggles.
  • The role of technology and the impact of COVID on bullying.

“As the primary caregiver, the weight of that was so heavy, I was nervous to disrupt my income… I was willing to put myself through anything.” Judi

[49.17] The group reflect on how we can call out bullying.

  • Opening up conversations and the words we use.
  • The role of personal responsibility.
  • Training and education.
  • The importance of empathy.
  • Conscious and unsubconscious bias; and social conditioning.

“… occasionally you have to use a little bit of force. But sometimes by doing that you can give someone an ‘a-ha!’ moment.” Grant.

[1.24.18] The panellists each give their key sum-up from today’s discussion.

  • Normalise open conversations and don’t get too hung up on solutions – Judi
  • Treat other people the way you want to be treated – Grant
  • Put a focus on trauma, and how that unfolds in behaviors – Everette
  • Align therapy, leadership and growth in the workplace – Madison



You can connect with Madison, Everette, Grant and Judi over on LinkedIn.

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