Hope White talks minority owned business.

284: Creating a Blooming Business as a Minority-Owned Company

Today we’re bringing you a little treat, in the shape of one of our most-viewed videos on YouTube.

No Bullshipping with Hope White is one of our most popular live content series, and this episode has really gone down a storm. So whether you’re in the ocean freight market or global supply chain, the trucking industry or drayage, make sure you pay attention!

In this episode, Hope is joined by special guest Seretha Willingham, CEO at SJW Logistics, to teach you how you can grow your minority-owned business, even if there is a pandemic! Hope and Seretha will talk all about support for vertical integration, warehousing and drayage; direct fulfillment and trucking; and nourishing a unique clientele.




[04.16] A warm welcome from Hope.

[05.55] An introduction to Seretha and her business, SJW Logistics.

[06.38] How SJW Logistics set itself apart in a crowded market.

“We’re able to provide a personalized service… our speciality is the customer service that we provide.”

[07.54] How SJW Logistics got started in warehousing, and the current challenges in finding warehouse space in Atalanta.

“We surveyed our customers and said ‘if we got into warehousing, what would your need be? How can we help fulfil that?’

[10.17] Seretha’s experience with access to capital and opportunity as a minority-owned business, following her expansion.

“I have more people that are willing to engage in conversations, but there are still minimum requirements.”

[12.01] From parts shortages to the price of fuel, Seretha discusses the changes in supply chain she’s seen over the last year.

[14.12] A closer look at some of the challenges faced by minority-owned businesses, and how SJW work to overcome them.

[16.46] A closer look at some of SJW’s services, and the power of combining multiple services to provide one invoice to the customer.

“Trust is a big thing in this industry.”

[23.53] The challenge of hiring and retaining talent, and how SJW retains a strong quality of driver.

[29.32] The next three years for SJW, and its upcoming training and consultation services that will help other minority-owned businesses.

“I get to share all of my failures that turned into success stories, so they won’t have to fail and lose money like I did!”

[31.46] The biggest downside to the industry.

“If you are a control freak, you have to accept you cannot control the unknown – and the unknown is very real in this industry!”



You can find previous episodes of No Bullshipping with Hope White over on the live show page, or you can check out other Let’s Talk Supply Chain podcasts HERE.

You can connect with Seretha over on LinkedIn, or find out more about SJW Logistics on their website.

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