163: Women In Supply Chain™, Sangna Mistry Kuhia

From gaining her degree in Organizational Psychology & Human Resources Management, Sangna has gone on to achieve huge success in her field. With an interest in technology and engineering, leadership roles at companies like Flextronics, Solectron and Meggitt have led her to her current role at Apex. She’s the Vice President of Human Resources for the Americas and has been doing some incredible work there for the past five years.

Today Sangna will be talking to us about her long-standing HR career, her passion for people and the future of business.


[07.32] Sangna’s background and how she sidestepped from clinical psychology to HR.

“Instead of one person at a time, I get to have an impact on a whole workforce.”

[09.21] How Sangna began at Apex, and her role building their HR structure.

[10.42] A closer look at Sangna’s responsibilities at Apex.

[11.51] The impact of working in employee relations.

“You are the facilitator – you are the hub of the company, between employees and management.”

[15.37] Apex’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, and what makes them so special.

“In today’s polarized atmosphere, being part of an organization that values you, is more important than ever.”

[20.18] What drew Sangna to technology and engineering, and how she ended up in logistics.

[23.25] How the face of HR has changed over the years.

[25.11] From remote working to the impact of COVID-19, the HR trends to watch out for.

[27.11] The future, and the relationship between people and technology.

“Their job might look a little different, but people are still the future.”

[29.55] What finding your voice as a woman means to Sangna.

“Finding your voice, for me, has been about building credibility with confidence.”

[32.18] What Sangna has learned about herself along the way.

[34.00] Credibility and passion, Sangna’s words of advice for the next generation.



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