162: What 20 years in the Army Taught Adebayo Adeleke about Supply Chain

Adebayo Adeleke is a supply chain enthusiast, businessman, social entrepreneur, retired U.S Army Officer and global thought leader all rolled into one. From Jordan to Japan, Africa to Afghanistan, he’s gathered his impressive knowledge and expertise from around the world.

Retired from the U.S Army after an impressive 20 year career, Adebayo is now Managing Partner at Pantote Solutions LLC, President and CEO of Adebayo Adeleke LLC, a Principal Partner and Senior Supply Chain Consultant for Epot Consulting Limited and a Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at the Sam Houston State University.

Today Adebayo will be talking to us about his career so far, his many inspirational achievements and his passion for driving immigration reform.



[06.47] Adebayo’s background and how he fell into supply chain by chance.

[10.22] What led Adebayo to join the army, and why he fell in love with it.

[11.38] Adebayo’s experience of war, and what he learned.

“When I came back, I was transformed – the way I saw supply chain was totally different.”

[17.45] The challenges and unpredictability of army logistics.

[22.08] The difference between army and civilian logistics – and efficient vs effective supply chains.

[26.30] The challenges Adebayo faced in his life and career as an African immigrant in the USA.

“Your identity is driven from your culture, and often you have to shed some of that to be a part of this system.”

[32.40] What drives Adebayo to be so active as an influencer for positive change.

[35.21] Adebayo’s roles in the Rising Leadership Foundation and the New American Economy – and why they’re so important.

“If we can create better leaders, we can have a better society.”

[39.59] The future for Adebayo.

“We need to start understanding the nuances and how we can improve supply chain globally by regionalizing our solutions.”

[43.51] Be true to yourself – Adebayo’s advice for anyone following in his footsteps.



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