160: Engineering the Future Through the Power of People

SIMOS provides more than just basic contingent labor: they deliver customized strategic labor solutions, with the end goal of reducing cost, increasing productivity and ensuring budget certainty – without compromising on quality standards.

Their consultative partnership philosophy means that they design solutions from inside your facility, aligning with your KPI’s and offering a level of support that means you can step back and focus on the bigger picture, leaving your workforce in safe hands.

Today, I’m joined by Harold Baro, Senior Vice President and General Manager, to talk all about SIMOS, the importance of collaboration and some of the challenges that businesses are currently facing with their workforces.



[07.39] How SIMOS was founded, and the story behind the name.

“Our Founder wanted to provide more value to his clients and give more accountability.”

[09.04] A closer look at exactly what SIMOS does.

[10.53] The trusted partnerships that SIMOS enjoys with its customers.

“We don’t treat the word partner lightly – we’re laser focused on supplying each client with the right solutions.”

[12.55] How SIMOS interacts with its customers, and tackles change management, by talking their language.

[14.08] Exactly what is contingent labor workforce and why/how companies use it.

[15.31] The misconceptions around contingent labor and why the SIMOS model is so surprising.

[17.36] The added value of prediction and analysis within the SIMOS model.

[19.09] The challenges businesses are facing right now with staffing, and how SIMOS tackles key pain points.

“Our research shows that 6 in 10 employers are having a hard time finding workers… and high turnover and high absenteeism kills productivity.”

[21.29] SIMOS’ drive through hiring scheme and how it engages with the community.

[23.19] The impact of COVID-19, how SIMOS have adapted and how they’re helping customers.

“We’ve become more important; we’re getting a lot of calls for additional people to come to work – and we put our people’s safety and health first.”

[25.52] How COVID-19 has driven the importance of collaboration home, particularly with health and safety protocols.

[27.27] The rise of tech, the partnership between tech and people, and automation in warehousing.

[31.01] A case study looking at how SIMOS revolutionized one customers’ environment and processes.

“Through our solutions, we saw quality and orders increase, complaints decrease and we were able to save them over 1 million dollars.”

[34.20] The correlation between supply chain and customer experience.

[36.52] The future for SIMOS.



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