153: Women In Supply Chain™, Carolina de la Paz

From an early interest in engineering and logistics, going all the way back to education-level, Carolina has gone on to have an exciting and varied career in the industry. Now, as a logistics leader at top IT company Lenovo, she’s channelling all that incredible insight and experience into creating robust and effective logistics operations across Latin America.

Today Carolina will be talking to us about her career so far, her many inspirational achievements and her long-standing love for logistics.


[07.52] Carolina’s background, her interest in international business and culture, and the variety of experiences that have led her to where she is today.

“Those experiences were the ones that opened my eyes and allowed me to see the different roles you can perform within supply chain – that has been, and still is, the most exciting part.”

[10.54] How Carolina has followed her heart during the course of her life and career, and her passion for giving back to the community.

“My driver is ‘do everything with passion – do and learn new things!’”

[13.30] The challenges, excitement and growth that Carolina discovered whilst living in China.

[15.55] How experience, and destiny, brought Carolina to Lenovo.

[18.34] How Lenovo’s support helped Carolina to find her voice and drive her forward in her current role.

[22.07] Carolina’s passion for logistics, and why women need to take advantage of the momentum happening in diversity right now.

[25.35] How women need to advocate for themselves, to change their own bias and make the discussion around diversity and inclusion a two-way conversation.

“We’re on the first step of a marathon.”

[29.21] The challenges that Carolina has faced over the years, including being the only woman in the board room.

“We need to create the sense that we belong there – and that we’ve earned it.”

[31.57] From personal and professional growth, and her new project WEL, what the future holds for Carolina.

[35.31] Follow your passion and work hard, Carolina’s advice for women following in her footsteps.



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