150: What Does Intermodal Mean to You: The Technology

This is the third show in our “What Does Intermodal Mean to You” series, in partnership with IANA.

In last week’s episode ‘The Equipment,’ we spoke to Frank Sonzala, CEO of CIE Manufacturing, about the types of equipment that are key within the intermodal industry, what role they play in keeping freight moving and why maintenance is so important.

Today in Episode 3, ‘The Technology’ I’m joined by Phil Shook, Vice President at C.H. Robinson to talk about exactly what kinds of tech are used in the industry; the importance of connectivity and partnerships; why technology companies themselves are attracted to the intermodal industry – and the role IANA thinks tech will play in the industry moving forward.


[01.20] Phil’s 20+ year career at C.H. Robinson, how much he’s seen the industry change over that time, and his current role in staying abreast of technology so he can make the right decisions for their intermodal business line.

“Collaboration is why the change has been so quick, and so successful.”

[03.41] From track and trace and cargo sensors all the way to AI and machine learning, the key technology defining the intermodal industry right now.

“It’s starting to get more integrated – and smarter.”

[06.40] The chain of custody in intermodal and how advancements in technology are helping to deliver a much higher degree of confidence for clients.

[08.25] The importance of data to consumer buying habits, and how key industry problems can be solved with data driven insights.

[12.39] How data drives connectivity and transparency, allowing businesses to measure up against best in class, create efficiencies and collaborate to drive better outcomes and solutions.

“Presenting data in a non-threatening and fact-based way opens up conversations, and customers are willing to change behavior because of it.”

[19.18] Why tech companies are focusing on intermodal, and supply chain in general.

[23.46] From growth in AI and machine learning to investment in railroad, the future of intermodal and supply chain.

“We need to make sure we’re developing the technology to keep up with an ever-changing consumer buying habit.”


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