149: Oh Canada! Going Global has Never Been Easier

Export Development Canada has been Canada’s credit agency for over 75 years. Through their years of industry experience, they’ve helped businesses across Canada to manage risk, secure finance and establish themselves on a global platform.

Today, we talk to Zeeshan Fazal, Senior Account Manager – Technology Group at EDC to talk about helping SME’s achieve global success, how COVID-19 has affected the nations’ industry and the huge role EDC plays in supporting the Canadian economy.


[08.08] An overview of EDC, how they began and how they can help.

[10.39] EDC’s financial solutions, and their focus on managing risk.

[13.45] EDC’s non-financial solutions, and how they help Canadian businesses to navigate the international market.

[19.26] How EDC’s Global Trade Team find and facilitate opportunities, by analyzing the global market and ‘matchmaking’ with Canadian businesses.

[24.15] The importance of championing SME’s, and their benefits over big business.

“The world is asking for innovative solutions, and flexibility.”

[26.43] A real life success story, and the EDC solutions that facilitated it, including risk management, and secure credit lines.

“Try to protect yourself as much as possible when you’re beginning a new relationship.”

[38.13] EDC’s integrity and commitment to social responsibility.

“We’re all learning, but it’s important to start off with a robust approach to ensure we’re living in a fair world that promotes peace and justice.”

[42.24] The impact of COVID-19 and how EDC pivoted to support Canadian business in their time of need.

[47.01] Ambition, growth and innovation, the future for both EDC and Canadian business.

“Canadian companies have proven on the global scale that they’re innovative and have the capabilities to respond to global demand.”



Head over to EDC’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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