148: What Does Intermodal Mean To You – The Equipment

This is the second show in our “What Does Intermodal Mean to You” series, in partnership with IANA.

In last week’s episode ‘The Industry,’ we spoke to Jim Newsome President and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority in Charleston. We found out more about what the intermodal industry is, how it works and how ecommerce has changed the landscape of the industry. We learned more about IANA and its role within the industry, and about the impressive investment in infrastructure that Jim has been overseeing over at the South Carolina Ports Authority.

Today in Episode 2, ‘The Equipment’ we’re talking to Frank Sonzala, CEO of CIE Manufacturing. We’re going to explore what equipment is key within the intermodal industry, what role it plays in keeping freight moving, why maintenance is so important – and we’ll be having a little bit of fun with a maintenance horror story, to remind you why paying attention to the details can make or break your supply chain.


[01.01] Frank’s impressive 37 years in the industry, and how he moved from vendor to in-house with CIE Manufacturing.

[02.45] From containers to cranes, the various components that come together to make up the intermodal industry.

[07.29] The improvements Frank has seen in road safety.

“In 2010 when CSA came in, the chassis really started to blossom into a maintenance machine that was taken care of on a timely basis instead of on a breakdown basis.”

[11.33] A maintenance horror story – why pro-active maintenance and repair is vital.

“Quality and safety mean so much!”

[14.31] IANA’s maintenance and repair committee, and the benefit it brings to the intermodal industry.

“We’re all about preventative maintenance now.”

[18.21] How IANA established best practice for the industry and have so successfully connected its disparate elements.

“The future is bright for intermodal and it needs bright young people to carry on the torch.”

[20.29] How technology has changed the face of intermodal.



Head over to IANA’s website and CIE Manufacturing‘s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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