145: What Does Intermodal Mean to You – The Industry

This is the first episode of our latest mini-series in partnership with IANA: The Intermodal Association of North America. Over the next four episodes, our “What Does Intermodal Mean to You?” series is going to take a closer look at the intermodal industry and its benefits, the equipment and technology that serves it, and all of the different people involved.

Today in Episode 1, The Industry, I’m talking to Jim Newsome President and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority in Charleston. We’ll be finding out exactly what the intermodal industry is and how it works; looking at how ecommerce has changed the landscape of intermodal in recent years; learning more about IANA and its role within the industry; and finding out about the impressive investment in infrastructure that Jim has been overseeing over at the South Carolina Ports Authority.


[01.25] Jim’s background, his role with the South Carolina Ports Authority and a closer look at what the intermodal industry is.

“To me it’s the confluence of modes of transportation to provide an efficient product.” 

[03.52] From 3PL’s to container shipping, the key intermodal supply chain players.

[06.51] The benefits of intermodal transportation.

[10.09] The need for better infrastructure and the challenge of planning for growth.

“Our port, by the end of next year, will have invested over 2 billion dollars in infrastructure.”

[12.55] Why global businesses, like BMW, set up home and invest near ports.

[15.12] The possibility of re-shoring manufacturing post-COVID.

[17.28] A closer look at the South Carolina Ports Authority’s recent investment projects.

[19.49] Exactly what an Inland Port is, and its benefits.

“It’s been a winning concept for us. We’ve quadrupled the volume of moves per day in the last decade.”

[22.34] What the next 5 years might look like for the industry.

“We’re seeing a renaissance in retail distribution.”

[25.30] The future of technology and automation in intermodal.



Head over to IANA’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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