143: Making an Impact: Global Health Supply Chains

Parsyl is on a mission to improve the quality of goods we all rely on; from the foods we eat to the medicines we need. They provide insurance products as well as GPS tracking technology, with cell phone monitoring and data analytics through their web platform, to allow companies to take control of their supply chain. And they’re also utilizing that commercial technology to solve major global health challenges, making them a unique player in the supply chain industry.

Today I’m delighted to be joined by Ben Hubbard, co-founder and CEO of Parsyl, to talk all about the company’s amazing offering, including their game-changing software and insurance products, and the future of supply chain. Not to mention their partnerships with a range of organizations, from governments to ministries of health, to innovate and strengthen global health supply chains and improve lives.


[07.29] Ben’s background in economic and global health development, an overview of Parsyl and why Ben founded the company.

[09.29] How Parsyl is helping in the current pandemic with its international partnerships, risk management and insurance solutions.

[11.31] A closer look at what Parsyl does, from technology to data.

“We’re really focused on the data insights – it’s great to understand what happens on a particular shipment, but the deep insight comes from understanding what’s happening across lots of shipments.”

[15.50] The changing face of insurance, including risk, cost and why it’s so important.

“We have the widest, best temperature sensitive insurance coverage at Parsyl.”

[20.16] The global health side of Parsyl and its incredible impact across the world.

[24.46] A few real-life examples of how Parsyl have helped clients, with challenges from insurance to vaccine transportation.

[28.56] Parsyl’s ideal customer, and why it’s so important to help all links in the supply chain to better understand and use the data Parsyl can provide.

“Often data loggers are thrown in the trash, and it’s a tragedy. We love data at Parsyl, and we want make sure it gets up to the cloud, analysed and integrated.”

[32.29] The future of supply chain.

“The dividend from being strategic about data collection and use is going to create a real delta between the winners and the losers.”  

[34.39] How Parsyl’s software differentiates them from the competition.

[35.38] From a focus on COVID-19, to rolling out insurance and delving deeper into the seafood industry, what the future holds for Parsyl.


Head over to Parsyl’s website now to find out more and discover how they could help you too.

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