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Women in Supply Chain

The Voices of Women in Supply Chain

Studies have shown that women who support women are more successful, so how much more powerful can we be if we channel the power of collaboration and share our experiences? The answer: VERY Powerful!

In our Women in Supply Chain™ series you will hear from women at every stage of their career on how they found their voice, found their worth, took risks, learned from their mistakes, advice, came back into the workforce, found success in a male dominated industry and the challenges they faced.
I started the Women in Supply Chain™ series 2 years ago because I wanted to break down barriers so we could all learn and connect with women on a level that none of us would otherwise have access to. I have learned so much from the amazing women who have been in our series and I am so honored that the women in our industry trust me tell their stories and build a community around it. I am so excited to partner with GWPP – Global Women Procurement Professionals so we can expand and highlight more of tomorrow’s leaders because collectively we have an impact.

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