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The Women In Supply Chain

Women in Supply Chain tell their stories about breaking glass ceilings and gender roles across the supply chain. They provide helpful career advice and what they want future supply chain leaders to keep in mind when they start their careers. Get career advice, inspiring stories, and expert guidance on breaking into the chain.

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The Voices Of Women In Supply Chain

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Free Trade

Here’s Why Logistics Leaders are Calling Proposed Tariffs “the Definition of Supply Chain Disruption”

The Trump administration promised last Thursday it will impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican imports starting June 10th, that is, unless Mexico slows the flow …

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Women in Supply Chain

Women in Supply Chain, May 2019 – Erica Howell

“Your podcast had significantly helped me learn about other areas of supply chain outside of trucking and grow my career. Thank you for all the …

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Women in Supply Chain
Women in Supply Chain

Women in Supply Chain – April 2019

  So, today, I am excited to highlight Audrey Ross in my Woman in Supply Chain blog series. Audrey is one of the most knowledgeable, …

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Women in Supply Chain | Blog

Strength in Diversity – Not Numbers

By Sheri Spinks   ENGAGED CULTURE It is often said that two heads are better than one, but if those heads belong to two individuals …

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Mind the gap
Women in Supply Chain | Blog

Don’t be scared of a Gap (in your career that is)

We no longer go through the three traditional stages of life :education, work and retirement it is therefore more likely we will experience some type …

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