WISC -Felicia Payin Marfo on Taking Risks and Empowering Women in Logistics

At Let’s Talk Supply Chain, we think it’s important to elevate the voices of the female trailblazers who are boldly changing the face of our community. That’s why every month we highlight a woman leader in the industry on our blog. We share the stories, achievements, and advice for other women coming up the ranks in supply chain. 

This month we’re proud to feature Felicia Payin Marfo in our Women In Supply Chain™ blog series. Felicia is the managing director at Ladybird Logistics Limited. She has more than fifteen years of experience in project management. And what drives her is empowering other women to build their careers in logistics. In fact, she set up the first logistics company to employ woman truck drivers in Ghana, West Africa.

Felicia shares how she found herself on her career path and what makes her passionate about supply chain:

  1. What brought you to Supply Chain?

I studied a course in Supply Chain for my master’s and then later, Ladybird Logistics launched my career into the Supply Chain space. In November 2017, I bumped into an old Shell colleague, Douglas McArthur. He introduced me to William Tewiah, the CEO of Zen Petroleum Limited. 

William and his friend, Yaw had a dream of starting the first ever “All female” logistics company and needed someone to make it a reality. 

I knew next to nothing about trucks or the logistics industry, but I thrive on challenges and have a passion for empowering other women. The opportunity appealed to me —the idea was radical and challenging. 

  1. What is the support network like for women in Logistics in West Africa?

Ghanaian Women In Supply Chain™ have a great support network in WiLAT, (Women in Logistics and Transport). WiLAT Ghana is the women’s wing of CILT International (the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport). They are amassing a strategic, high-level strategic network of women members from Logistics, Transportation, Freight Forwarding, Oil and Gas and the Supply Chain Management to promote their career and gender advancement and empowerment through education and networking. 

2. What risks have you taken on your way to your current career path?

I’ve taken two major risks that brought me where I am today. First, taking a career break without assurance of securing a position after the break. And taking on the challenges of Ladybird Logistics without any prior knowledge of Logistics or transport. 

3.What’s your advice to other women facing similar challenges?

Simply pray and then go with your conviction.

4. What is your goal right now?

It’s good to have work life balance. I don’t have a balance, I am working on it. My strategy is to plan and then stick with the plan. When it’s time for work, I work. When it’s time for family, I spend that time in the moment with them.

5. What do you want the next generation of Women In Supply Chain™ in Ghana to know?

Join WiLAT and follow your dreams. Whatever your dream is, believe that everything is possible with God and work hard to achieve it. Approach all relationships with genuine sincerity. 

And I cannot even stress that enough. We can all be better while supporting one another. So be authentic regardless of gender, and be willing to give support and to ask for it. We can all improve and help to make the experience better for everyone through authentic connections.

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