Supply Chain leader Casey Hyde shares her journey of professional growth in supply chain and finding her voice to overcome imposter syndrome.

Supply Chain Leader Casey Hyde Talks Slaying Imposter Syndrome

Summer is here and we’re already cooking with fresh global supply chain disruptions. While wars and escalating political tensions are shaking up alliances and logistics, organizations are struggling to keep up with new sustainability requirements.

The Supply Chain Act driving sustainability and putting environmental conservation first for European businesses is presenting new challenges for businesses looking to find compatible logistics and sourcing partners. In meeting stringent guidelines for new ESG and workers’ rights requirements, companies are finding themselves very limited when it comes to identifying the right vendors, agencies, and mines. Business leaders in Germany in particular—where politicians voted against the Supply Chain Act—have been vocal about the challenges they are facing with the shift in regulations.

However, The Supply Chain Act supporters say that acclimating to new ESG standards will pave the way for global supply chains to combat global warming and support better quality of work and life around the world. The legislation has the potential to foster responsible corporate behavior, anchoring both human rights and environmental operations considerations. Proponents of the act see it as a way to challenge harmful and outdated behaviors forcing global businesses across industries to raise standards. In addition, others have suggested that the law supports business growth since investors, boards, and consumers are demanding greater sustainability.

Amnesty International has coined the EU initiative as an opportunity to close a gap that has allowed organizations to “escape accountability for widespread rights abuses around the world.” Major brands including Apple, Tesla, and other tech companies have come under fire in recent years for their use of African child labor. While American legislators sided with these organizations, there’s growing discontent among the growing majority of zenial and millennial consumer groups. Human rights advocates see the EU’s new labor laws as a win for human rights everywhere, especially when it comes to children.

New business challenges require diversity in thought and the workforce. It’s not a shocker that organizations employing more women in leadership surpass competitors in innovation and new approaches. Closing the gender gap isn’t just good for business, it can help the world economy and, in these cases, the planet.

At Let’s Talk Supply Chain we’re honored to feature Women In Supply Chain™ who are reshaping best practices and business landscapes in logistics and manufacturing. The numbers show Women In Supply Chain™ accelerate business growth and transformation. They change our way of thinking about workplace obstacles and limitations.

Let’s Talk Supply Chain’s Women In Supply Chain™ program, and our blog and podcast series underscore the importance of investing in gender diversity including female leaders and our nonbinary counterparts. We hope our Women In Supply Chain™ blog series inspires others to break traditional gender barriers for a profound personal and professional impact.

This month, we’re honored to feature Casey Hyde, Reveel Director of Marketing Programs. Casey is a results-driven marketing and business development professional with over 15 years of experience spanning high-performance teams and program development. She’s dedicated to driving greater revenue and business outcomes through team and program development with a special focus on sales programs, campaign development, lead generation, and people management. Casey boasts a bachelor’s in science from the University of Michigan and has a track record of giving back through organizations like Girls on the Run International and the Center for Independent Living.

1. Where did your supply chain journey start?

My career journey in supply chain started in an unexpected place—graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Kinesiology and Nutrition, right smack dab in the middle of the recession. Jobs in my field were about as elusive as a unicorn, so I had to get creative. I found myself diving headfirst into the service industry, working my way up from hostess to General Manager at a local renowned brewery and event venue— the start of a path into tech marketing and people management.

Eager for a new challenge and craving the fast-paced world of marketing, I made the leap into the tech industry as a startup business consultant. This role opened my eyes to the power of innovation and the thrill of building something from the ground up. I found fulfillment in helping clients set up new businesses for success before diving into sales where I discovered a passion for client relations and empowering business growth. I found myself at LLamasoft, taking on the role of building, managing, and expanding a global business development team and learning the ins and outs of strategic planning, team leadership, and market expansion.

I really found my stride at Reveel with my employer’s unique blend of technology and finance. Now, as the Director of Marketing Programs there, I oversee the marketing programs and manage lead generation and business development teams. It’s an exciting role where I combine my creativity with my commitment to data-driven strategies, spearheading brand-awareness initiatives to optimize customer engagement and boost revenue. So far, my journey has been exhilarating. I’m thrilled to continue making waves in supply chain and marketing, all while living my personal and family life to its fullest.

2. Have mentors supported your professional growth in supply chain?

I am immensely grateful for the few solid mentors who have been pillars of support throughout my career journey. They’ve provided invaluable guidance and wisdom and been instrumental in bolstering my confidence and self-belief. Their unwavering belief in my abilities, coupled with their encouragement to give myself more credit, has been a constant source of reassurance. Their mentorship has been transformative, shaping me into the professional I am today.

3. What’s your experience working in a male-dominated industry?

Navigating a male-dominated industry is filled with challenges and moments of deep fulfillment. When I first stepped into this realm, I was met with a landscape dominated by men, their confidence seemingly unshakable, their voices ringing loud in boardrooms and meetings. Imposter syndrome and doubt crept in—did I belong or have what it took to make my mark?  It felt like fighting an uphill battle to prove my worth and expertise. I was even told by a former boss that I needed a personality change “if I wanted to have a seat at the table.” That’s when I realized I needed to select a different table or work to reshape the table entirely.

But I’ve come to realize that our male colleagues have imposter syndrome too. They just don’t always talk about it. The pressure to always seem competent, knowledgeable, and unshakable is one we all carry, regardless of gender. Over time, I learned to embrace the challenges as opportunities for growth. I found my voice, standing firm in my expertise and contributions. I discovered that no one, regardless of their position or gender, knows everything. We’re all constantly learning, adapting, and growing in our roles.

These moments of fulfillment in this industry have been deeply rewarding. Whether it’s leading successful campaigns, forging strong partnerships, or seeing the impact of our work on the bottom line, they remind me of why I love what I do.

I’ve realized the power of resilience, determination, and a supportive network. Surrounding myself with allies who champion my ideas, challenge me to keep striving for progress, and celebrate my successes has been invaluable. So, to all the women navigating male-dominated industries, know that you’re not alone. We all face challenges, doubts, and moments of uncertainty. But remember your voice matters, your expertise is valuable, and your contributions make a difference.

And to my male colleagues, let’s continue to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive. We’re all on this journey of growth and learning together and each of us can contribute to shaping a more diverse and inclusive industry.

4. When did you find your voice in your supply chain career?

Becoming a mother ignited a fire within me to make my voice heard, stop settling, and be selective in where and how I contribute my energy and passion. As I embraced the joys and challenges of motherhood, I also found strength and clarity of purpose. I became acutely aware of the importance of aligning my values with the organizations I committed to professionally. It was a time of reflection, growth, and learning to prioritize what truly mattered to me.

Above all, I wanted to find a place where I could be my best, and where the organization also gave its best to its people. It was important for me to feel valued and appreciated, to help model a healthy work environment so my children—especially my daughters—learn we are all worthy and deserving of spaces and people that uplift and empower us.

This journey of self-discovery led me to Reveel where I’ve found a supportive environment that encourages me to speak up, share my ideas, and be an active participant in driving positive change. It’s more than a workplace—it quickly became a safe space for my authentic self, balancing the demands of motherhood with a fulfilling career. It’s where I found my voice amplified, my contributions valued, and my aspirations nurtured.

5. What advice do you have for Women In Supply Chain™ and others looking to start a career in the industry?

1) Trust your gut. Seriously, you’ve got this amazing intuition—listen to it! Take risks, step out of your comfort zone, and watch the magic unfold.

2) Your voice is your power. Don’t hold back. Speak up, share your ideas, and don’t be afraid to shake things up. You’ve got the ability to make waves.

3) Embrace the oops moments. We all stumble, fall, and learn. It’s not about the fall—it’s about how you bounce back stronger. Every setback is just a lesson in disguise.

4) You are absolutely worthy of all the awesome things in life. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with folks who lift you up, cheer you on, and believe in your dreams.

5) Be unapologetically YOU. Seriously, your quirks, your style, your everything—it’s what makes you awesome. Don’t try to conform to anyone’s idea of who you are or should be.

6. Who do you admire in and outside of the supply chain?

My mentors happen to also be those I admire the most and span across the supply chain space, marketing expertise, EdTech, and other industries.

7. What have you learned on your supply chain journey so far and what’s next?

Throughout this incredible journey of self-discovery, motherhood, and professional growth, I’ve learned invaluable lessons about myself. I’ve discovered a resilience I never knew I had, a voice I’m proud to share, and a deep-seated belief in the power of aligning passion with purpose. Professionally, I’ve learned that my worth is not measured by the titles I hold or the accolades I receive, but by the impact I make and the values I uphold. I’ve grown to appreciate the journey of continuous learning, the thrill of taking on new challenges, and the satisfaction of seeing my ideas come to life.

I am filled with excitement for the future and a path illuminated by possibilities to continue evolving, innovating, and making a positive impact. I am committed to nurturing my passions, honing my skills, and creating a world where my children—and future generations—can thrive. And as I navigate this journey with gratitude, I am reminded that the best is yet to come. I look forward to embracing new adventures, making lasting memories, and leaving a legacy of resilience, empowerment, and authenticity.

8. What does your Women In Supply Chain™ feature mean to you?

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to be part of the Women In Supply Chain™ blog series. It’s a fantastic opportunity to share my story, experiences, and a few laughs along the way. I hope my journey can inspire and resonate with others in the industry. Big thanks for shining a spotlight on women making waves in supply chain management—it’s a special feeling.


The WISC series is a powerful way to highlight the amazing work by women in our industry. Being featured in this series is a true honor and something I take great pride in, as both recognition of my work and the experiences I’ve had in my almost 30-year career in the industry.


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