Becky Simon shares how authenticity and a heart of service has fueled her career growth in supply chain, and what others should know.

Supply Chain Leader Becky Simon on Having a Heart of Service

As the year draws to a close, we can look back on all the progress Women In Supply Chain™ made this year and the powerful gains ahead. 2023 marks the year Women In Supply Chain™ returned to the post-pandemic workforce in full force. These advancements turned heads at the C-suite and executive level. 26% of all executives, including CSO, SVP, EVP, and CPO positions, are filled by women—an all-time high up almost 20% from a year prior.

And while frontline representation by women remains stagnant at 31%, the overall percentage of Women In Supply Chain™ made a 5% increase. The trend is expected to increase as more female professionals continue to return to work.

Female representation in supply chain is continually increasing with business gender equity goals and initiatives since 2020. Supply chain programs and strategic roles have grown in response to disruptions and challenges and to better prepare for future ones. And all this stacks up because according to Gartner’s study, more women in executive leadership roles gives other female supply chain professionals more edge. So, we should expect to see another increase in the new year.

Momentum breeds momentum.  At Let’s Talk Supply Chain, we’re honored to highlight Women In Supply Chain™-shattering glass ceilings across global logistics, transportation, and manufacturing industries. Statistics show that Women In Supply Chain™ drive faster, larger leaps forward, and greater profitability. Women empower global business performance for smarter outcomes and speed through greater collaboration.

Women In Supply Chain™ motivate us, and we hope they’ll inspire other female professionals looking to break the mold and keep going. That’s why we highlight their breakthrough achievements and the experiences behind them every month.

Let’s Talk Supply Chain’s Women In Supply Chain™ program, and these stories show business leaders that investing in their female workforce with room for career growth is a razor-sharp competitive advantage. Advancing women in your ranks is proven to propel higher revenue and ROI. Over half of businesses committed to gender diversity and equity have 50% higher profitability and 61% higher revenue growth than competitors. More than 70% rank the highest in customer satisfaction.

Let’s Talk Supply Chain is committed to closing the remaining gender gap. We give the supply chain and logistics leaders shattering glass ceilings and gender barriers the recognition and visibility they deserve. Let’s Talk Supply Chain navigates professional roadblocks women leaders continually learn to navigate, how they empower each other, and how they transform business.

This month, we’re excited to feature Becky Simon, an employee engagement and training leader working with supply chain professionals. Becky is an Employee Engagement and Training Specialist at Trailer Bridge, recently recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies. Becky boasts a bachelor’s in marketing from Davis and Elkins College where she played on the women’s soccer team, and an MBA in Administration and General Management from Everest University in Jacksonville. Becky was also a recipient of the 2023 Women In Supply Chain™ award, presented by Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

Through her leadership, Becky supports professional growth for others via instructional design, onboarding facilitation, training for soft skills, and public speaking. Her background in technology and healthcare brings a versatile, results-driven approach to her work in supply chain.

1. Where did your supply chain journey start?

I started in Talent Acquisition and love being a part of an employee’s “First Impression” of the company. One of the major Training activities I assist in is facilitating the New Employee Onboarding Experience (over two and a half business days) when they first onboard. I enjoy helping new folks understand the bigger picture of how their role supports their department, how their department contributes to the organization, and the role our company plays in the global supply chain.

2. Have supply chain mentors helped your professional momentum?

My mentors believed in me before I believed in myself. They trusted me with opportunities that I wasn’t sure I was ready for so I could rise to the occasion. I process information by talking it out so having a trusted sounding board is incredibly valuable to me as a professional. I love learning from those around me and am fortunate to have several role models that I would classify as a mentor.

3. What’s your experience working in a male-dominated industry?

I love it! Being a former athlete, extremely competitive, and a working mom, I know my skillset helps to fulfill a unique role as a woman and a professional. At Trailer Bridge, we believe our people are our greatest asset so approaching my role with a heart of service and as a caretaker for those coming into the company comes naturally.

4. When did you find your voice in your supply chain career?

I’ve always had a voice. Finding the right environment and leadership team that allowed me to be myself was key. There is no shortage of personality or enthusiasm in my approach to work. I’ve had previous experiences where I was told that I was “too much” or “too loud.” Finally, I’ve been unleashed to be myself and it’s wonderful.

5. What advice do you have for Women In Supply Chain™ and others looking to start a career in the industry?

Bring your authentic self to work. As a wife, as a mom, and as a professional, I am the same person. Every role tugs at different traits. View yourself holistically and know that your story can inspire others.

Build and maintain your personal brand, that’s just as important as your expertise.

6. Who do you admire most in or outside of supply chain?

 My kids. Living through the pandemic, it was refreshing to see their acceptance, resilience, and ability to evolve when the world around them shut down. I aspire to be like water and find a way around rocks in the river. It’s an incredible gift to steward their childhood and one that I deeply treasure.

7. What have you learned on your supply chain journey so far and what’s next?

I’ve learned that I can craft the type of life I want. Whether that’s the way I show up each day, the hobbies I invest in, or the development of my skill set, I have a choice in what each new level looks like. It’s important to eagerly approach each new season and strive to make it better than the last.

I would love to focus on more of the employee engagement and soft skills of becoming a well-rounded professional. Anyone can be taught logistics but what about the intangible characteristics of how you follow up, treat others, or resolve a conflict? I would want to make the most of that conversation and brainstorm together. Nothing excites me more than new ideas.

8. What does your Women In Supply Chain™ feature mean to you?

It’s such an incredible honor to be recognized alongside such influential and poised professionals. Being featured reassures me of the impact I’m helping to make within my organization and our industry. We have a responsibility to not only engage but train and invest in the people around us.


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