SEA 2, EP 94 – SC Professionals UNITE! One voice against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is supply chain. As horrendous as that sounds, it’s true. There are more slaves today than there have been in the whole of human history. That’s why Grant is passionate about contributing any help he can for operations that rescues and takes care of trafficked kids.

Like a grocery supply chain, a human trafficking supply chain requires demand. Traffickers use fake orphanages that sell or rent children for many different reasons. The statistics are shocking: 36% of children are trafficked by family members, and human trafficking is a $150 billion industry. The only way to take control of this supply chain is to break it down and disrupt it.

Grant talks about how he is getting involved with his new initiative “Freedom Rings” inspired by Tim Ballard’s “Operation Underground Railroad” an organization that goes undercover and “buys” children from fake orphanages to then let them free. Grant also shares how supply chain and slavery is connected going back into the 1800s with Henry Box Brown story that shows how it takes creativity and courage to rescue those that are trapped. Getting ready to launch officially in 2020, Grant’s own “Freedom Rings” organizes boxing events in Tennessee which helps raise awareness for human trafficking and helps fund human trafficking operations. If you are looking to help, Supply chain professionals are creative by nature – our expertise is essential in helping solve the problem of human trafficking so get in touch!

In this episode we discuss:

  • [0.58] How human trafficking is supply chain
  • [10.56] What makes a successful supply chain
  • [17.38] The statistics on human trafficking
  • [24.15] The story that connects supply chain to slavery dating back to the 1800s
  • [28.00] How to help as someone working in supply chain

Resources and links mentioned:

  • Freedom Rings

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