SEA 2, EP 86 – What sets OOCL Logistics Apart?

In today’s episode Sarah catches up with David Croft from OOCL Logistics, a logistics services company who’s success has be defined by their customer experience and holistic approach to supply chain. Headquartered in Hong Kong, they now have 100 offices in over 40 countries, and have been working in supply chain since 1975.

What makes them different from other supply chain providers? They believe they’re more than just a freight forwarder; they focus mostly on customized solutions with cutting edge information technology. OOCL Logistics don’t consider themselves just a provider, they call themselves an ‘extension of our customer’, and take on the role of a partner in every activity they undertake.

This customer-centric mindset is what made OOCL Logistics one of the best known freight forwarders in the global market, and a leader in innovation. But they’re not stopping there: soon they will be providing customers with visual graphics on analytics, data and supply chain insights. They’re also working on artificial intelligence, environmental sustainability as well as contingency planning for risk assessments. The information technology revolution will soon be taking place and OOCL is making sure they’re staying on top for their entire network.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [4.36] The OOCL Logistics story
  • [8.45] Are they just a Forwarder?
  • [13.15]  supply chain insights
  • [23.54} A real life example
  • [30.31] Future strategies for OOCL Logistics

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