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Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

I don’t know about you but I am hearing more and more about Block Chain but still a little fuzzy about the hype and the details of how it can help business and/or supply chain. I will be interviewing a few experts about Block Chain over the next few months so that we all can get a better handle on this technology and how we can use to help with efficiencies.

I thought we would start the block chain discussions in one of the most talked about and complex supply chains so we can understand how can be used as a solution. In this episode, Mike Cohen from Greenstream takes through the block chain model they are creating for the Cannabis supply chain and how it could be the solution to the regulatory oversights we are concerned with the legalization date looming.

Need a reference guide or Supply Chain Dictionary? We have you covered: https://letstalksupplychain.com/product-page/supply-chain-dictionary

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