SEA, 2 EP 6 – Women In Supply Chain™ Part 4 – Risk & Resiliency with Bindiya from Resilinc

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

I LOVE that you are enjoying the Women In Supply Chain™ series, Each episode is full of amazing insight into Supply Chain PLUS we learn all about the paths each powerhouse women took to success and what advice they give to anyone looking to get into the industry!

This episode is NO different, Bindiya is the CEO and founder of Resilinc and is a recognized thought leader in supply chain risk management. We cover A LOT in this episode so get ready, but dont worry if you cant take notes (trust me you will want notes, as there are SO many takeaways) we will have a free download available to you at

In this episode you will learn more about risk and resiliency in supply chain AND how the digital scorecard and community that Resilinc has developed will change the way you do business with your suppliers and how you manage risk in your supply chain.

Need a reference guide or Supply Chain Dictionary? We have you covered:

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