SEA 2, EP 4 – Attention all 3PLs and Shippers! Why YOU need to know about API Integrations

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Whether you are a shipper or a 3PL, you NEED to know about API integrations and what they mean to YOUR business. Graham Robbins, Idea Generator and Founder of Border Buddy is back in this episode! Graham shares with us why Border Buddy decided to focus on API integrations and what it has meant for his business and his customers’ business. They integrate directly with Shopify and Ebay and are being exposed to customers they never would have before. Their integration strategy is also providing their customers with the tools they need to import and export globally with trust and ease AND increase their business by making it easy to calculate final shipping costs.

Graham says that changing your mindset to focus on what the customers want and need in this new economy and focusing on some technology upgrades can change your business dramatically and open up new revenue sources. Why do we mention BITA, Fedex, Pipedrive, Ebay, Shopify, Woo Commerce and Maersk? You will have to tune in and see.

Need a reference guide or Supply Chain Dictionary? We have you covered:

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