SEA 2, EP 36 – The State of Retail

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With everything changing so quickly, technology, consumer habits, delivery expectations and the trend toward personalized consumer goods its no wonder the state of retail is unpredictable. Some retailers are going bankrupt, some are thriving and even online retailers are looking to go to bricks and mortar, who will survive and how will supply chains change?

In this episode, My resident industry expert – Graham Robins from BorderBuddy is back! Graham and I talk about the changes in bricks and mortar and how that is affecting the supply chain, the state of retail, why some retailers are surviving and some are not, how the “New NAFTA” will affect retail, crossing the border and how we can plan for the future. Whether you are a service provider, distributor, warehouse, consultant, retailer, supply chain professional etc Everyone needs to understand the State of Retail as Trillions of dollars worth of products move every day and it affects supply chains around the world. It is our future. Share this episode with your management team, C-Suite and colleagues, Enjoy!

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