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What does Supply Chain, a non-profit and blockchain have in common? Sweetbridge, an award winning open source non profit project with contributors being a diverse group of global citizens.  Scott Nelson, CEO of Sweetbridge has an amazing perspective on the industry, did you know that the entire knowledge base is being reinvented every 1.5 years? and because of this rate of change coming so fast and choices plus cost are increasing everything stops or stay mediocre so what do we do?

In this episode, Scott shares his insights on thoughts about supply chain being a game and what you should know to play. Two of the most important components are managing your talent properly and the future of supply chain is in being liquid. Picture this: Supply Chain controls and moves Trillions in assets, what if we changed the incentive structures and trust the rules in place so we can all work together? Sweetbridge has the answer and the future of supply chain is not what you think it is. Tune in to find out why.


LISTENER’s CORNER! I will be starting a listeners corner at the beginning of every episode so send me any and all supply chain questions you have and I will send it to the experts that have been on the show to GET YOU THE ANSWERS! OR you can send me your supply chain stories to inspire, help others that may be in the same situation looking for a solution or funny ones just to bring a smile to someones face. Email them to [email protected]

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