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How is our current infrastructure in North America affecting businesses that are trying to stimulate our economy? Our infrastructure directly relates to the bottom line because it dictates how fast or slow goods move from state to state, province to province or even country to country. If you are a business owner, do you feel that you have an organization that has your back? that is challenging government to ensure that our economies can thrive?

In this episode, I speak to Ruth Snowden, Executive Director of CIFFA about the challenges the forwarders face because of our failure in North America to keep up with the need for better infrastructure. We also talk about the ultimate price the shippers are paying for this, what the solution might be and what the future looks like for our intermodal transportation network. CIFFA is also making sure their voices are heard with government and advocating for the forwarders and shippers – Find out more in this amazing episode! Enjoy!

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