SEA 2, EP 11 – Women In Supply Chain™ PART 6 – LILLIAN DUKES

Welcome back Lets Talk listeners!

Part 6 of my Women In Supply Chain™ Series is here and I cannot wait for you to meet Lillian Dukes! Lillian has been working in aerospace and supply chain her whole career and she has an incredible journey to success as well as some great advice to share.

In this episode, Lillian and I talk about e everything from the risks she took in her career to the awesome leaders program to how she balances being a supply chain leader, being a social leader and having a family. You are going to love Lillian and definitely get inspired to be a better leader, do more in your community and get involved in the industry. I hope you enjoy Part 6!

Need a reference guide or Supply Chain Dictionary? We have you covered:

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