SEA 2, EP 35 – Smart TMS for Modern Freight Brokers and 3PLs

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Lets face it, Technology isn’t going anywhere and will definitely be a part of our future. I recently spoke on a panel about the Future of Logistics and I strongly believe that supply chain teams need to have someone that not only understands the supply chain but also understands technology so that we can intelligently navigate the new innovation that comes our way on a day to day basis.

In this episode, Gwen the CEO at Freightpath joins me to talk about Transportation Management Systems and how you can find the right partner. Here is what you can expect: How can you find the right partner, What are some of the questions companies should be asking to find the right partner, how Freightpath helps, what an on boarding process should look like, the benefits and ROI of having the right TMS and what cost should look like. Technology is a huge cost centre for service providers so make sure to tune in and see how you can make the most out of the capital you have. Share this episode with your management team, C-Suite and colleagues, Enjoy!

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